Monday, October 12, 2009

[Fans Corner] ChardGel in New York Times

I found a nice fan video in youtube created by a ChardGel (a nick for the tandem of Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin) fan. For the information of readers who are not yet aware of it, there is an ongoing petition for a ChardGel reunion. Although I have not watched any of their movies and shows, I am aware that this tandem is one of the best love teams in the Showbiz history. I am not sure if others will object to my last statement. I guess I am a bit biased because I am an avid supporter of Angel :).

Anyway for ChardGel fans, they may find it interesting that after creating the petition for a reunion, Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez both got mentioned in New York Times. Perhaps this is a good omen that their wish will be granted very soon.

Richard Gutierrez first got featured in New York Times when he saved Christine Reyes in a movie style rescue operation during Typhoon Ondoy. Click here for the story.

Angel Locsin on the other hand was mentioned in New York Times for her nomination in the 37th International Emmy Awards under the "Best Performance by an Actress" category for her lead role in Lobo (The Wolf). Click here for the New York Times story and here for our story on Angel Locsin's nomination.

Here's the chardgel fan video. Credit to welkin. I hope she will not mind if I feature her video here.

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