Sunday, October 11, 2009

[News] Angel Locsin is not Doing Mano Po 6

Although it has been previously communicated by Becky Aguila, the manager of Angel Locsin, that Angel Locsin will be playing the role of the daughter of Sharon Cuneta's character in Mano Po 6 which will be produced by Lily Monteverde, this information turned out to be premature. Click here for the related story.

It has been reported by Ricky Lo in Philippine Star yesterday that Heart Evangelista will be playing the role instead.
I used to have a high respect for Ricky Lo because I thought he is fair in reporting entertainment news but then I should not have set my bar too high because this is showbiz industry anyway. Besides, Ricky Lo and Lily Monteverde are both sharing a Chinese family name so they must belong to the same circle of community.

credit: Ricky Lo of The Philippine Star, Oct 10, 2009
Heart is "it"

The silent search is over.

The role of Sharon Cuneta’s daughter in Mano Po 6: My Mother, the successful Regal franchise intended for the Metro Filmfest in December, has landed on Heart Evangelista’s lap. It was first offered to Angel Locsin but she wasn’t given the go-signal by Star Cinema even if she still has an existing contract with Regal. Mother Lily could have filed a “breach of contract” case against Angel, but what for? She just shrugged it off and let divine justice take its course.

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