Sunday, October 11, 2009

[Video] Complete Set of Lobo Videos

When I created the channel of Twilight Angels in youtube, I was lucky to find the complete set of videos of Lobo (The Wolf). It took a bit of time for me in collecting all the videos for our channel's playlist because I tended to watch the scenes that were memorable for me.

Perhaps, it was a good omen because two days later, it was announced that the lead actress, Angel Locsin, has been nominated in the 37th International Emmy Awards' Best Performance by an Actress category where winners will be announced on 23rd of Nov-2009. It is noteworthy to mention that this is the second international recognition that has been received by Lobo because the show itself won the Best Telenovela award in the 30th BANFF World Television Festival in Canada in June 2009. Click here for our story.

To access the complete set of videos of Lobo, go to the Twilight Angels channel in youtube. This channel aims to collect all videos uploaded or created for Angel Locsin so that fans can go to one channel and watch all her videos. I created two playlists for Lobo (Lobo 1 and Lobo 2) because one playlist can contain only 200 videos.

Lobo 1 playlist (episodes 1 to 59)

Lobo 2 playlist (episodes 60 to 118)

There are videos also of Angel's old movies and teleserye. My co-Twilight Angel, sis nicky911, has been a gem in finding those hard to find videos. She simply knows where to look. It is also worth checking out the background of the Twilight Angels channel in youtube because my other co-Twilight Angel, sis faye, redesigned it as a tribute to Angel's Emmy nomination. Credit to hoover1 of pex a.k.a. Ben for the fan art used. Many thanks sis nicky and sis faye, well done!

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