Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[Article] Is It Really Goodbye Forever for LuckyGel?

By now, everybody who has been following on any information relating to Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano would have heard that Angel has finally broken her silence about the real status of her relationship or rather no longer existing relationship with Luis. Angel has confirmed that they are no longer an item since four months ago. I means they have broken up around latter part of June 2009. Click here for our related story about this couple and here for the news about the breakup.

But is it really over for good for LuckyGel (moniker for Angel and Luis couple)?

If we go back to Angel’s interview in “The Buzz” tough 10 questions on January 4, 2009, Boy Abunda asked Angel about getting back with a previous lover, Angel clearly stated that once a relationship is over, it is over. But in the recent interview, Angel's view has changed because affirmed that she is not closing any doors about reconciliation. Click here for the related story.

I would say this is good news for the fans and supporters of Luckygels because it appears they are open for a possible reconciliation. Anyway, we could not predict what will happen in future and what is in store for this lovely couple.

Although Luckygel are no longer in a relationship, I am happy to note that they are still friends and appear to be in good terms, as you will notice in these pictures taken during the ASAP taping which I believe will be shown next week (I hope). I saw these pictures posted by rossmyla in the Twilight Angels Forum, which were posted originally by hoover1 in PEx.

Let me share again this beautiful fanart of Luckygel from hoover1 of arep. His other creations were already posted here.

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