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[Article] Message of an Angel in New Year 2010

Angel Locsin has made her fans felt closer to her and happier through her tweets and her visit to her forum at the thread of ARep (Angel Republic) at PEx a day before the New Year.

Angel also tweeted her wishes for New Year:
last day na ng 2009..sarap balikan ang mga nangyare, mga nagpasaya, nagpaiyak, nagpangiti.. thank you BRO sa mga blessings na binigay mo! >>

sa family ko na minahal at sinuportahan ako, sa mga tunay na kaibigan, sa lahat ng taong sumuporta at nagtanggol sa akin, sa mga >>
pangyayare na nagpatibay sa akin, sa mga natutunan at sa mga magagandang alaala :) salamat BRO! :)
ngayong 2010, panibagong chapter nanaman ito sa buhay ko. ibless nyo po ako na maging makabuluhan ang taong ito. gamitin nyo po ako para
makatulong sa kapwa. iwan na ang lahat ng nega at magsaya ngayong bagong taon!!! \m/

I also found additional photos taken during the Christmas party with fans. I am posting them here so I don't need to create a new post for them. For the detailed story about the Christmas party with fans, click here. Let me share first these tweets of Angel sent during the party.
RT @philredcross: Philippine Red Cross set forth for Bicol this Christmas. RT @annecurtissmith: SHOPANDSHARE: GERALD ANDERSON'S OAKLEY EYEPATCH SUNGLASSES is n available! :) -GO RA NA! @bubblesparaiso - haha! :) ikaw pa rin daw ang nag iisa :p

It looked like Angel was doing multi-tasking during the Christmas party; she checked out the activities of Philippine Red Cross (I guess as an Ambassador Angel felt she needed to be updated) and her online auction at Shop and Share; and kept in touch with her Kapuso friend.
Here are the photos posted by Kysle_Candizz@PEx in ARep thread, many thanks to the original owner of photos and to sis Kysle. Again I blurred the faces of non-celebrities since I am not sure how they would feel seeing their photos in the blog:

This is another fan account on the Christmas Party, details of which was already shared here based on the fan account of spiez. This time, this update is based on the fan account of a female fan, angelcharmz of Twilight Angels Forum.

We had our christmas party sa Ignazia Bar ...Then we had some exchange gifts worth 200 pesos each...
Syempre I saw most of angel republic and twilight members there..And also ALIFC and The Originals ...
Gel was wearing a backless stripes blouse ..but she has a net type black blazer to cover it

When i arrived there ...i saw bez jane, sis dred, sis lady gel, sis luz, mareng cha, sis kysle, sis myla, sis bluebaby , sis alma , si honey sandara kim and group, si spice and gelek ...we are all in one table ...Gel was with the other table ..together with her ate ella, brother gelo, ALIFC headed by claire and The Originals headed by Grace ...meron pang umatend pero di ko kakilala ....heheheheh

Syempre when i arrived kinamusta ko agad ang mga ka twilight angels natin together with arep ...then si sis myla and sis bluebaby of luckygels ..i asked them kung may pic na sila with gel ..sabi nila wala pa..kaya sabi ko approach namin si gel ..when we approached gel..she greeted me agad...she asked me kung kamusta nah... syempre sabi ko ok naman...then i introduced sis bluebaby from luckygels..i told gel that they had their outreach the previous day...nakipagkwentuhan si gel kay bluebaby about the relief mission...

Naputol lang yun kwentuhan kaze niyaya ni Grace si gel kumanta sa harap...hehehhee..kakatuwa...kumanta si gel ng one of her favorite song " SIGE"...syempre after nun eh nag request ang mga fans ng isa pa...sabi ni gel before sya kumanta "WALANG IWANAN ha"...hehehehe...baka kaze mawalan daw sya ng fans pag kumanta sya...hehehehehe..kalowka ...In fairness....Nag improve ang voice ni gel..although i feel na medyo d pa sya ganun ka confident kumanta...pero guys in all fairness.... nasa tono sya with her soft voice...di kaze natin sya nakikitang kumanta ng i never thought that she has a good voice....super cute talaga....she sang "TORETE"....

After kumanta ni gel..we apprached her again...i have sis rossmyla with me...and also blue baby..i introduced sis myla to gel..i told her that sis myla is from luckygels and twilight angels...then nag chat din sila ni gel..pinakita ni sis myla yun mga pictures nila nun outreach..natuwa naman si gel...

Gel invited luckygels, twilight angels and arep for a merienda today...gusto kaze ni gel na mawala ang gap between luckygels and arep...which is a good move to unite her fans...not sure kung natuloy...syempre after ng kwentuhan, nagpa picture si sis myla with gel..syempre ako sin at si sis blue baby..heheheheh
I received another fan account but it was shared to me through a private message so I guess I cannot post it here in the blog. I am glad to know that Angel has invited the Luckgels to attend the party through a direct message.

Many thanks Angel for treating your fans fairly regardless which group they belong to. You are truly an Angel!

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