Saturday, January 2, 2010

[Info] Angel Locsin Returns Back to Twitter

Quick update: I have to rename the title because I just saw Angel's tweet and she is now back in Twitter.
I miss my twitter-kada's! :) hay..can't sleep.. :( goodluck sakin mamaya sa The Buzz..

As mentioned in my earlier blog, fans of Angel Locsin felt closer to her recently through Twitter, where we can directly send her messages and requests. Despite of Angel's several months' absence from the television, her fans were able to obtain update about her tweets and of her celebrity friends. But angels (Angel's fans) are sad to note her latest tweet:
G'morning! :) today,stop muna ako frm tweeting..Annoying na ako :) khit ako na-a-annoyed na sa sarili ko :p (nakka-adik ang twitter) xoxo

What triggered this tweet? You can check out Angel's twitter account to understand what happened.

I do hope that after taking a time out, Angel will send tweets again because there much much more people who love her tweets. Thanks to Twitter, we get to follow Angel's activities closely than ever. Let me share what I found when I tried reading her past tweets along with her friends.

On the night of 23rd of December, Angel had a slumber party with Maxene Magalona, Bubbles Paraiso, and Madeliene Humphries (Carla). I believe these friends help also Angel actively with her Shop and Share project. Thanks to Maxene Magalona for sharing this picture in Twitter where they were wearing identical sleepwear provided by Angel. It looks like Angel is an early riser because her friend tweeted that Angel was their alarm clock. Bubble's tweeted also the Slumber party of Calamanci Inc. (CI), the name of their group, to Ehra Madrigal, Cristine Reyes, Bianca King, and Carlo Antonio Cannu but I could not verify if they were able to join the party.

A week earlier, on the night of 15th of December, Angel had a sleepover too with Bubbles, Carla and Bianca King. They had a champorado for breakfast. It is cute to note that they have pet names also for each other with Angel as 'Ms. Random', Carla as 'Snow White' and Bianca as 'Direk' and I guess Bubbles as 'Party Queen'.

On the 20th of December, Angel met with Maxene, Bubbles, Cristine Reyes, Bianca King, Allan and James. I was not able to trace what was the met up for.

On the night of the 26th of December, Angel watched the Avatar movie in Mall of the Emirates with of Black Eyed Peas,
Bubbles, Bianca, Cannu, Frank Magalona, Isabella Magalona, Wincy Aquino, and Allan Altera. I saw this picture posted in ARep but I could not remember now who posted it originally. Anyway, thanks to the poster and the owner. If you happen to see this blog, let me know so I can credit you properly.

After the movie, the group had a videoke with Video credit to saabmagalona@youtube.

the whole time so they tweeted like crazy when they came back hehe. Thanks to Bubbles for this picture, which she shared in Twitter.

From left to right: Allan, Bubbles, Angel, Chito, and Lani. Angel had muscle pain after the retreat. Bubbles thought it might be from climbing. Climbing of what, that I don't know hehe. Bubbles also shared that they brought food enough for them for a week but they finished overnight. They had so much fun with their retreat but they could hardly wait for a signal on their way back.

Allan, Bianca, Chito, and Lani paid Angel a visit at her house. I guess to watch a movie but I am not really sure and I could not recall now where I heard that info. I found also this photo posted by sallytot@PEx in ARep. Many thanks for posting and to the owner. Angel looks slimmer in this photo.

sources: Tweets of Angel and her friends: Maxene, Bubbles, Bianca, Carla, Cannu, Frank, Isabella, Wincy, and Allan

P.S. Please watch Angel in the Buzz today ...


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