Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[Info] Angel Locsin Attends Gift Giving to Kids with Bayan Muna & Gabriela Reps

As mentioned in the blog posted yesterday here, Angel came from a gift giving event before attending the Christmas party with her fans. Here are her tweets on that day, 22nd December, in relation to these two events.
I'm excited pra sa Christmas party ng mga angels tonyt! \m/ thank you so much angels! :) sorry mnggagaling ako sa payatas.. Hehe :)

Farteyyyyy time with my angels!!! :) Merry Christmas! :)

I saw in ARep at PEx that Angel's gift giving activity was done with Satur Ocampo (thanks to misterdaily and aeriel_angel at ARep for the tip). Also thanks to @TeamSatur's tweets, we found the following photos and brief information about the gift giving event to kids at Sitio Veterans of Barangay Silangan, Quezon City together with Representatives Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza.

The theme for this event was "Pasko ng Pag-asa para sa bayan para sa masa." Apart from gift giving and interaction with kids, they also danced "bongga ka day" and played some games. Satur almost lost all his white hair as Angel asked for a strand during the "bring me" game :)

Here are the photos I found from Satur's supporter in Facebook; many thanks Tine Sabillo. I left a message on her wall and I hope she would not mind my re-posting of photos here for Angel's fans.

Angel Locsin arrives and greets the children.

Ka Satur receives a big hug from Angel.

Giving out gifts to the children...

A round of applause for the children and the organizers of the event.

Let me share this brief Information. Bayan Muna Representative, Ocampo and Gabriela Representative Lisa Maza are both running for senators under the Nacionalista Party headed by Manny Villar. The decision of both to join the party of Villar along with the son of Ferdinand Marcos gained them criticisms b0th from newspapers and forumers.
But the coup de grace this year to the notion of a principled party system has to be the decision by leftist lawmakers Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo and Gabriela Rep. Liza Maza, to swallow their much-ballyhooed principles and join the Nacionalistas anyway, after insisting loudly that they would not. When the Nacionalistas announced they had recruited Marcos, the son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, both Ocampo, a political detainee during Martial Law, and Maza vowed to run as independents instead. The about-face came soon enough, even though Marcos was still on the Nacionalista lineup. Explaining their decision, Ocampo and Maza said it was all right, now that coalition talks between the Nacionalistas and Marcos’ KBL party had collapsed. Besides, Ocampo later said, he would not be on the same forays as Marcos. And that, we suppose, makes everything all right.
- Manila Standard
Villar was the first and only one that seemed to genuinely reach out to the ocampo and maza, now when villar did thatr NP-KBL official alliance, the leftists bolted out of principle, this was the same KBL that basically killed all their comrades. villar mentioned he would cut the alliance (and the did, officially there is no NP-KBL team up). however, villar could not let go of the marcos jr becuase of what those votes mean to him. it was a negotiation, villar gave something, and in turn ocampo and maza swallowed their pride on something as well. at the end of the day, as told to me, it was more important that for the most part, NP/Villar and the Ocampo/MAza shared the similar visions for the country, like poverty alleviation, among others. I was also told that ocmapo/maza had talks with noynoy and LP, but LP could not promise the 2 slots to Ocampo/Maza, becuase ion the words of LP, there's long line of people wanting to join the LP slate, and they alreayd had their token leftist in Rep. Hontiveros, and noynoy still felt bad about the NDF speaking against the aquinos about the luisita, so he didnt really seem eager to accept ocampo/maza in LP.
- studstar@PEx

Since Angel used to endorse Manny Villar along with Koko Pimenter in 2007 election and with Gabriela being part of Villar's ticket, there is a probability that Angel will provide support to this party as well.

Kris Aquino might have spoken to Angel about supporting her brother although she already knew beforehand whom Angel used to support, she must have understood why Angel couldn't, if ever. Let's pay a closer attention on future interaction of Kris with Angel, shall we hehe.

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