Friday, November 27, 2009

[Fans Corner] Poem and Song for Angel Locsin

I love this poem composed by a fan of Angel (hikari177@PEx/jigglypuff177@Twilight Angels). To view her congratulatory note that I previously included in the blog, click here.

For Angel

On heavenly high you spread your wings
You soared above even the most majestic of dreams
You charmed your way into our hearts and soul
You've enthralled the fantasies of creation's whole

Your radiance emanates from within
A beauty deeper than what can be seen
A heart that bleeds for people's needs
An entire being destined to influence and lead

On the silver screen you rule supreme
On fantasy and reality you're a genuine heroine
You travel distant and dangerous lands
Always there to lend a helping hand

You reign on every genre and every form of art
You give your all to your every part
Your life is a story whose grandeur is yet to be told
Your loving presence is indeed a sight to behold

With all this and even more
We all couldn't help but simply adore
A persona that's so brilliant, it gleams
Is the incomparable and unparalleled Angel Locsin

Very nice poem sis Jais!

A song also has been recently composed for Angel by Mark. Many thanks Mark!


Jais said...

Sis, you are ever so supportive of us all! I just noticed the morbidity of "bleeds"... Sometimes, I try to keep the monsters in but they want to go out and start scaring kids away. Haha! Kidding!

Nicky said...

lol ..hope to see more of your work sis jais your work \^_^/