Friday, November 27, 2009

[Videos] Cognac Wellerlane Interviews Angel Locsin at the iEmmy Awards Gala

Between a group of people who attended the event and a group who based their observation on videos and pictures, I would always go for first hand account of the event.

As previously blogged here, Angel's first walk at the red carpet with international celebrities made a buzz and she was one amongst crowd favorite as reported by (click here for English translation), New Jersey-based Filipino Express, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau, and fans' testimonies.

Thanks to the tip of vkim3111@PEx/Twilight Angels forum, I saw a video of Angel being interviewed by Cognac Wellerlane, a US TV personality/actress/model. She was recently cast as a glamorous socialite in "The Devil Wears Prada" film and a society lady for an off Broadway Pulitzer prize winning, "A Time of your Life." If you read Cognac's article here, you will notice that Angel has also captured her interest since it is Angel's picture that is shown at the top of the page with the second picture focusing on her gown. It appears Cognac likes the gown as well.

Here are the photos by Mauro Botero from

Here is the video clip of Angel's that starts from 03:50. Video credit to Cognacs@YouTube. Angel was asked about the availability of Lobo online if someone wants to watch it in youtube. For those who are interested to watch the Lobo (The Wolf), click our story here for the complete set of videos in youtube.

Video clip of Don Tagala reporting the iEmmy event in Balitang America. Video credit to PINASWATCH13@YouTube.

scaps of Cognac's interview with Angel:

a closer look at Angel's gown

Angel saying goodbye to the viewers

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