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[News] Angel Locsin: A Stand Out at the 37th International Emmy Awards

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Famous White Dress at the Night of International Emmy 2009
Long ruffles feathers gained prominence in the 'red carpet' that takes place in New York.

The buzz in the red carpet of the 2009 International Emmy, on the night of Monday, 23, in New York began with a parade of white outfits worn by two actresses who joined the party. The traditional long dress in frills gained attention, as worn by the Filipina actress Angel Locsin. Also, French Emma de Caunes left the legs and invested in feathers to hide the arms.

Celebrities in the red carpet of the International Emmy

Emma de Caunes and Angel Locsin: white dominating the entrance of the International Emmy.

I so love this article from cd so I am-reposting it here. Of all the news and blogs that came out after the iEmmy awards, cd's headline is the best. I notice that his article about Angel since Typhoon Ondoy became much better in my book hee. To know more about cd, click here for our story.

credit: cd, starmometer
Angel Locsin is a Stunner in the 37th International Emmy Awards Red Carpet

She lost the Best Actress to Julie Walters but our very own Angel Locsin is the winner on the red carpet.

Philippine superstar Angel Locsin graced the red carpet of the 37th International Emmy Awards which was held in Hilton New York for being nominated in the Best Actress category for her performance in the ABS-CBN fantaserye “Lobo” (The Wolf).

Unfortunately, Angel lost the trophy to England’s Julie Walters for the latter’s performance in A Short Stay in Switzerland. Walters is best known as Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter films and was also part of the musical movie Mamma Mia!.

Although she lost, Angel was said to be the most photographed celebrity of the night, the most cheered by fans and the Paparazzis adored her.

Here are some tweets from fans who were able to witness the event:

“THe EMMY staff were so excited….they were asking who the people we're waiting for since there were a lot of fans waiting for GEL. Parang it’s the first time that they saw this ….Pati mga Americans were wondering who we were waiting for and they were waiting to see who the fans were waiting for din” – PinkBite

“Angel Locsin may not have won the best actress Emmy but she worked the red carpet and the Paparazzis adored her… Def Star of the Night” – Don Tagala

“She is the most photographed celebrity of the night and most cheered. When people came in they would say…’You’re waiting for the girl in the white gown right?’” – Pinkbite

“It was a relaxed atmosphere before GEL arrived…then when she came out of the limo…nagkakaguluhan na daw and SECURITY came out and blocked people so GEL can ENTER the RED CARPET…” – PinkBite

“I couldn’t get a good shot of gel since people were pushing and crowding around us….and Everyone wanted to get a shot of gel. I heard people saying..OH angel..the young one ..the pretty one!” – Pinkbite

CLICK HERE for a video of Angel Locsin at the red carpet of International Emmy Awards uploaded by a fan

The iEmmy Awards night was shown also earlier in TV Patrol. Many thanks to @enihpoj for tweeting us the video link. Video credit to the uploader, tukmolkaman@YouTube.

I am inserting this article here because this report is based on the first hand experience of the writer who covered the iEmmy awards gala.

EXCLUSIVE: Angel Locsin, GMA 7 and, and ABS-CBN fall short in 37th International Emmys
Credit: Ted Reyes, Filipino Express


NEW YORK– As the glitz and glamour of international television descended upon New York City last night for the 37th International Emmy Awards, Filipinos eager for a first win in the most prestigious award in the industry went home empty handed.

Angel Locsin, who stunned everybody with her beauty and nominated for an Emmy best actress plum was bested by Julie Walters of the United Kingdom. Likewise, two local Filipino programs by the two major networks in the country, ABS-CBN and GMA 7 did not win in the best telenovela category. ABS-CBNs "A Time for Us" and GMA 7's "Magdusa Ka" were edged out by "India" from Brazil.

The 37th International Emmys was held at the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan. It was hosted by Graham Norton.

Among the celebrities that graced the event were: Sir David Frost, who received the Founder's Award; Ms. Barbara Walters, who presented the award to Sir Frost; Dr. Henry Kissinger, who presented the Directorate Award to German TV mogul Professor Markus Schachter; Paula Zahn, Moby, Edie Falco, and American Idol Catherine McFee.

I know this is a long post already but I don't want to create a separate blog for these two articles including the list of nominees and winners from iemmys' site. You can skip this part if you're bored already.

Credit: Reyma Buan-Deveza, abs-cbnNEWS.com
(UPDATE) No Intl Emmy plum for RP

MANILA - The country's 3 nominees at the 37th International Emmy Awards were unsuccessful in their bid to bring home the prizes during the gala event at Hilton New York Hotel Monday night (US time).

Actress Angel Locsin, who was nominated for her performance as a she-wolf in ABS-CBN teleserye "Lobo," failed to grab the best actress award.

In a phone interview with abs-cbnNEWS.com, Locsin’s talent manager Becky Aguila, who was with the actress during the awards night in New York, said the Filipino actress lost to Julie Walters (A Short Stay in Switzerland, BBC, United Kingdom).

Two other nominees from the Philippines - ABS-CBN's "Kahit Isang Saglit" (A Time For Us) and GMA Network’s “Magdusa Ka” – were also unsuccessful. The two television series have been nominated under the telenovela category. The prize was given to Brazil’s “India-A Love Story.”

Even though Locsin did not win the prize, Aguila said “it was a very nice, wonderful and memorable experience for her.”

Aguila added that her ward was very proud to represent the Philippines in the prestigious competition.

Crowd favorite

Locsin is the second Filipina to be nominated under the best actress category in the competition. In 1989, Tessie Tomas was nominated for her role as former first lady Imelda Marcos in “A Dangerous Life.”

Aguila shared that Locsin was one of the crowd favorites in the red carpet. She was also the youngest nominee, according to the talent manager.

“She really stands out dahil ang ganda ng long gown niya. Everyone is staring at her. Everybody is staring at her gown,” Aguila added.

The actress’ gown was designed by Michael Cinco and is said to be worth P1 million, Aguila said. The gown weighs almost 6 kilos, with a lot of beads and Swarovski crystals.

Prior to the awards night, Locsin told ABS-CBN North America News Bureau that she was not expecting anything. She said she was happy just to be recognized by an international award giving body.

“Para sa akin hindi nagtatapos yan dito. Bilang artista, isang chapter pa lang ito. After nito move on ka, mag-research ka ulit sa bago mong character. Pero siyempre nakatulong ito para ma-inspire ka pa,” she added.

Gala event

According to the Web site of International Emmy Awards, the winners came from 6 countries across Europe, Asia and South America.

Nominees from the United Kingdom won in 5 out of 10 categories. This year, Brazil made history by taking home their first ever International Emmy Award for telenovela “India-A Love Story.” (See list of full winners)

A thousand international entertainment professionals and media executives attended the gala event, which was hosted by UK television star Graham Norton.

Presenters included Ed Westwick, Edie Falco, Alexa Chung, Moby, Katharine McPhee, Rachel Roy, Stephanie March, Keke Palmer, Matt Bomer, Matthew Rhys, Paul Schulze, Paula Zahn, Barbara Walters and Henry Kissinger.

“We congratulate tonight’s winners for their outstanding achievements. All the nominated programs and performances are a true inspiration for all of us in the industry and for audiences worldwide,” said academy president and chief executive officer Bruce Paisner.

Sir David Frost was also presented with the 2009 International Emmy Founders Award by legendary journalist Barbara Walters. Frost is one of the preeminent television figures of the 20th century, producing and hosting shows for more than 40 years. –Report by Reyma Buan-Deveza, abs-cbnNEWS.com. With a report from Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Credit: Charles J. Gans, Associated Press
Britain wins 5 International Emmys; 1st for Brazil

NEW YORK—Julie Walters and Ben Whishaw took the top acting awards as British TV productions won five International Emmys on a night that saw Brazil get its first ever for a Bollywood-style telenovela.

The highlight of Monday night's 37th International Emmy Awards Gala came when ABC's Barbara Walters presented the honorary Founders Award to British TV personality David Frost.

"I'm not exactly chopped liver when it comes to doing interviews," Walters told the audience at the Hilton New York Hotel. "But in my opinion and the opinion of millions who have watched and listened to him for so many years, David is the best interviewer there is and he makes it look so easy."

Presenter Edie Falco, star of "The Sopranos," accepted the best actress award on behalf of Julie Walters, who was off on location playing the role of Molly Weasley in the next Harry Potter film.

Walters won the Emmy for her role in the real-life BBC drama "A Short Stay in Switzerland" in which she portrays a British doctor who is diagnosed with an incurable neurological disease and seeks assisted suicide in a Zurich clinic.

Whishaw also missed the awards ceremony, which was hosted by British TV presenter Graham Norton, because he had just opened in a new play in London. He got the best actor Emmy for the 5-part BBC thriller "Criminal Justice" about a young man accused of murdering a woman after a drunken, drug-filled night out, though he is unable to remember what happened.

While Britain won five of the 10 categories, the awards were spread out among more countries compared with previous years. The International Emmys honor excellence in TV programming outside the U.S.

Brazil took home its first-ever Emmy for "India: A Love Story" in the telenovela category. The TV Globo production shot on location at the Taj Mahal and other scenic Indian locales focuses on an upper caste woman's forbidden romance with an "untouchable" man.

Denmark's "The Protectors" about a special unit within Denmark's intelligence service was chosen the best drama series, while Japan's "Hoshi Shinichi's Short Shorts," based on the late writer's offbeat tales, was selected as best comedy.

The Netherlands won the non-scripted entertainment category for "The Phone" in which contestants who answer a ringing phone in a public place get plunged into a spy movie plot to win prizes.

The TV movie/mini-series award went to Germany's "The Wolves of Berlin, which tells the story of a youth gang that comes together in the ruins of post-war Berlin in 1948 up through the fall of the Wall in 1989.

Other British winners included "Dustbin Baby," about an adopted teenager, for children & young people's programming; "The Ascent of Money," a history of world finance by economic historian Niall Ferguson, for best documentary; and "The Mona Lisa Curse," with Australian critic Robert Hughes reflections on contemporary art, for arts programing.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair appeared on videotape to honor Frost, joking that one thing they share in common is being played by actor Michael Sheen in films (the Oscar-nominated "The Queen" and "Frost/Nixon") although "personally I think he was better as you."

Barbara Walters noted that Frost holds the unique distinction of having interviewed seven U.S. presidents as well as seven British prime ministers during a career in which he's hosted and produced his own shows for more than 40 years, including the current "Frost Over the World" for Al Jazeera English.

In his remarks, Frost displayed the same wit that gained him prominence on both sides of the Atlantic in the early 1960s as host of the groundbreaking BBC satirical program "That Was The Week That Was."

"Those were very different days back then," said the 70-year-old Frost. "Digital television just meant switching on your set with your finger and if you had a 3 1/2 inch floppy that was something you kept very quiet about."

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who is German-born, presented the honorary Directorate Award to Markus Schachter for his leadership of Germany's ZDF television network.

International Emmys: http://www.iemmys.tv


credit: iemmys.tv


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