Saturday, November 28, 2009

[Video] E! Interviews Angel Locsin at the iEmmy Awards Gala

It is disconcerting how a respectable national broadsheet like Manila Bulletin allows its writer to base his report on bloggers with unverified credibility in talking about fashion and had even quoted the opinion of a US-based newly graduate contributor writer of I suppose I would not be surprised if in future I will read opinions of primary students' bloggers and no one would find it amiss if I call them online fashion critics hee.

As mentioned in my previous story here, I am paying attention only to reports of people who attended the iEmmy event and not those so-called online fashion critics who simply look at pictures and voila, became a fashion connoisseur! I believe fashion should not be limited only to well known designers but should welcome also emerging designers like those coming from Asia.

We already saw the interview of Angel by Cognac Wellerlane, here's another interview this time by Jeannine Morris for E! and like Cognac, she confirmed that Angel looks stunning in her gown by Michael Cinco. Cognac and Jeannine both asked about her gown and took a full video of it. Here's the video clip of Angel's interview, credit to BeautySweetSpot@YouTube. Thanks to bituin8989@PEx of GELO thread for the tip on video link.

Here's the scaps of Angel showing off her gown.

flooding of scaps so you will see how gorgeous Angel is during her walk in iEmmy red carpet ..

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