Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[Fans Corner] Congratulatory Note to Angel Locsin

We are still on could nine not only as fans of Angel Locsin but for making our country takes pride on Angel's achievement. Being nominated by a prestigious award giving body is an achievement by itself more so if such institution is revered internationally like International Emmy Awards. I am sure by now, all Filipinos who have access to entertainment media have heard of her Emmy nomination.

As I was reading the posts in arep in pex, i found several noteworthy congratulatory posts on Angel's Emmy nomination. Since I can not repost all of them here, I have chosen sis jais post (hikari177) because I found it touching and it mirrored my reaction when I first heard the news. Here's her post:
Reading Angel's post made me cry. Gel, I'm extremely proud of you... And I feel deeply honored to be your fan... Be praying for you always. You have really made a significant impact not only in the entertainment world but also in the Philippine society. Your awareness of and response to the most pressing issues of our time is really admirable. I have never seen anyone who's in the limelight who has such an in-depth understanding of the things going on around her. You are one of the most self-less persons I know and your influence is reaching and touching the hearts of others spurring them on to act and work for others as well. More than popularity, more than fame and money, your legacy as someone who selflessly gives will live on beyond this lifetime...

Gel, we your fans will support whatever endeavor you will take on. Truly, you are an epitome of what Filipinos ought to be... A modern-day hero, no less!
Many thanks sis jais!


Sally B. said...

we miss you sis jais :)

Nicky said...

yeah, we miss you here na and hope to see you more sis jais :)