Tuesday, November 24, 2009

[Article] Angel Locsin Attends the 37th International Emmy Awards Gala

The International Emmy Awards Gala is the world’s most prestigious international television event. A cast of international celebrities will present International Emmy® Awards to winners in 10 categories as over 1,000 television professionals, 200 journalists and photographers representing the world’s leading media outlets, gather to celebrate excellence in television produced outside of the U.S.

Set to take place at the Hilton Hotel, New York, the big night for Angel Locsin, who will be attending the 37th International Emmy Awards Gala, is fast approaching, in an hour's time to be exact. Per New York local time, the event is scheduled for the 23rd from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Per Manila local time, the event will occur on the 24th from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM. For Angel’s fans in other time zones, please refer to the right side of the blog for the local time in New York or click here for the time converter.

Because of the report from TV Patrol about the cost of the gown (P1M) Angel will be wearing in the iEmmy Gala, the focus now seems on how gorgeous Angel will look in the creation of Michael Cinco. Click here for a closer look at the gown.

I remember when Angel's iEmmy nomination was first announced, the focus then was about Angel being blessed because of her generosity and engaging herself with the worthy cause in providing support to typhoon victims.

Per my observation, I believe Angel’s excellent performance as the lead character, Lyka, in Lobo (The Wolf) has not been given enough focus, acknowledging her innate world class acting talent. It more noteworthy because Lobo is her first serious role in TV and getting an international recognition for it is no small feat. It would make us wonder what makes Angel unique among our local actors and actresses.

If you are interested to watch Lobo again, click here for our story about the playlists of complete videos available in our youtube channel To view the Lobo trailers submitted to iEmmy for judging, click here and here.

Let me share also the thoughts of angeladik (my regular chatmate in shotbox) because I mainly agree with her perspective. For the complete compilation of our conversation, click here.

When the jurors see how well the actor bares one’ soul to the character then he/she can breath life to the character, then there’s no point being over dramatic about it. There lies the real drama. Maybe that’s where lies the bauty of Angel’s acting particularly when nobody is trying to teach her what should be, Angel is just doing what’s instinctive and she bares her soul to the character.

The power of subtle acting lies not in what’s made to be obvious, but in those nuances that when you look more closely you can even see the heart and soul of the actor but the character.

That’s what the iEmmy jurors saw when they viewed Angel’s Lobo clip. It’s all subtle acting but it conveys the aftermatch of the transformation so convincingly. I think with the iEmmys, they noticed Angel becoz she's a unique talent.

In the past, heavy drama by our actors never really landed them an iEmmy nomination becoz the international competition are too well trained and I think they look for that something special in acting the standards are just too high. It’s also not just the acting its living the role, the passion, the impact.

Angel is that good inspite of the flaws of directing style in Lobo. Angel is also lucky inspite the flaws of Lobo to essay a role she can actually be at her best.

I found out later reading one of those mag I bought of her on the cover where she recounts how she was so observant and diligent how to project in front of the cameras. She learned it from a pro modeling mentor and remembered it well. It explains why Angel can project those moods [and] roles very well. Angel projects very well what's needed of her and she's very talented.

That's the reason why she has this knack for catching attention but to actually convince the IEmmys to give her the nomination is a tribute to her mastery of projection in front of the cameras. Angel had to be versatile as Lyka but those I noticed Angel can actually do even from her previous projects. Lobo just put them all together.

But you have to credit Angel she can really be a chameleon and I think this one impressed the iEmmys enough to put her where other Filipina actresses could only hope for. I think ABS knows already about Angel's versatility reason why they put her to be Lyka.its hard to imagine another actress in that role and be convincing in every aspect of how Lyka has evolved.

We have high hopes that apart from winning the iEmmy statuette, Angel could use this iEmmy nomination (and hopefully winning it) in catching the interest of foreign agents and/or skilled directors and be given an opportunity to gain exposure in Hollywood or a collaboration with foreign networks/producers. I believe Angel is a crowd favorite in the recently concluded iEmmy Festival. See our story here. We believe that Angel is destined for bigger things and she is meant for international stardom.

Good luck Angel and keep on soaring high!

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