Friday, November 20, 2009

[Article] Angel Locsin's Gown in iEmmy Awards Gala Night by Michael CInco

I did a quick research a couple of days ago on Michael Cinco when I first heard that Angel Locsin will be wearing his creation at the 37th International Emmy Awards Gala on the 23rd in Hilton Hotel, New York City. Now that Angel has confirmed it in SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) last night, I will post here what I found. Click here for our story.

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This is the gown I saw in SNN. I found the same picture posted by Midas at missosology board.

I can't wait to see Angel in this creation. Since I wanted to see a full picture of the gown at all the possible angles available, this is a good find from Jeff Yeo's multiply. He took good shots giving us good views of the gown both at the front and the back. Many thanks Jeff Yeo!

Now, we can visualize how Angel will look like in this gown. She will definitely look stunning in this gown, a head turner goddess. Anyway, I have always been partial in seeing Angel in white because she looks especially gorgeous in this color.

Can't get enough yet of the gown?

Let's take a closer look at the gown so you would see how fine and intricate the design is. Angel mentioned in the airport interview that this gown weighs 6 kg and got hold by the custom because of Swarovski crystals.

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The gown itself is stunning isn't it? So much more now that it will be worn by Angel hehe. With all those Swarovski crystals cascading down the flowing skirt, Angel will definitely glimmer and look like a royal princess. Apart from possibly winning the iEmmy statuette, seeing Angel in this classy and fab creation makes watching the iEmmy gala night doubly exciting. This a a must event to watch out for.

I believe this gown was also shown in Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2009. To have an idea on how receptive the crowd is on Michael Cinco's creation, read the review of his collection here, here, here, and here.

To view other creations of Michael Cinco, you can visit the following links:

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Trivia on Michael Cinco
  • Philippines Board: Siefert wore a free-flowing gown accentuated with blue, red, green and yellow Swarovski crystals designed by Dubai-based couturier Michael Cinco . The gown costs $20,000.
  • Style Bible: Anne Curtis' embellished noir ball gown was one of the scene-stealers at the recent Star Magic Ball, hands-down. This is one of favorite creations of Michael Cinco. According to him, "it [gown] is made from layers and layers of impalpable tulle. I made it in 48 hours. There was no fitting; the dress arrived the night before the event, but she looked fabulous and she was awarded the most glamorous woman in the event.
  • Style Bible: Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco. He dressed Naomi Campbell and Dita von Teese for editorial shoots in Dubai." Visit Style Bible if you are interested to know more about Michael.
  • Stylespot: Michael graduated from Central St. Martins School in London.
  • Style-anywhere: The collection and fashion shown in Philippines earned a standing ovation.


Anonymous said...

Hi! This is michael cinco wedding gown in dubai bride show 2 years ago. it' truly beautiful. you have to see his other designs it's extremely great better than other famous designers in the philippines! micheal cinco is the sought after designer in the whole emirates!

Nicky said...

The gown is a beauty and Angel Locsin wore it beautifully :)