Saturday, November 21, 2009

[Article] Angel Locsin Attends iEmmy Festival Tomorrow

Before the much awaited iEmmy Awards Gala night on the 23rd in Hilton Hotel in New York, Angel will be attending several activities at The International Emmy World Television Festival, which traditionally takes place the weekend before the iEmmy Awards Gala night. The Festival is hosted at New York Sofitel located at 45 West 44th Street, just west of 5th avenue, near Grand Central Station, and onlu a 15 minute walk from The International Emmy Awards Gala at the Hilton New York on the 23rd.

It is the only place where one can watch all the nominated programs for the current year's awards and meet with creators of the nominated programs. In this two day program, over 1,000 television professionals and industry leaders from over 50 countries will convene to watch outstanding television production from around the world and meet with creators of the nominated programs. The Festival will feature a series of panel [topic] and provides a place for the industry’s top minds to network and exchange ideas. This event also includes the Emmy Nominee Medal Ceremony, cocktails and luncheons, and reading of the Sir Peter Ustinov Young Scriptwriting Award winner's script. Home Box Office (HBO) traditionally hosts the closing cocktail on Sunday, November 22.

The Festival recognizes all the nominees for their excellence and contribution to the Industry at the Nominee Medal Ceremony where Angel will be recieving a medal and certificate as a nominee for "Best Performance by an Actress". There will be a nominee presentation also the following day.

In the airport interview at her departure to New York, Angel mentioned she will be wearing a business suit by Ivar Aseron and a cocktail dress by Rajo Laurel. Click here, here, and here for our related stories.

It is 12:10 pm (20th Nov) in New York at the time of posting and hope Angel is now fully rested in preparation for tomorrow's series of activities. If you get confused with time difference depending in which time zone you happen to be, refer to the top right of the blog for New York's local time.

To give you an idea on Angel's activities for the next couple of days, I am re-posting the schedule here or click here for the full schedule of The Festival.

Saturday, November 21, 2009
  • 10:00 AM: Registration for the Festival
  • 12:00 PM: Nominee Medal Ceremony (1 hour), Grand Paris Ballroom
Sunday, November 22, 2009
  • 12:00 PM Festival Brunch (1.5 hours), Grand Paris Ballroom
  • 5:00 PM Nominee Panel - Best Performance by an Actress (1 hour), Montmartre Room
  • 6:00 PM HBO Cocktail (2 hours), Grand Paris Ballroom
If you don't want the bother to check for the detailed activities, I am posting here the scaps posted by nicky911@Twilight Angels forum. Many thanks twin!

Since the iEmmy finalists have gone through an intensive judging process with over 600 international jurors from 50 countries, it is a great achievement for the current two top networks in the country to gain the privilege in having both of their telenovelas screened with world’s best television programs.

Here are the video trailers of Telenovela nominees. To watch the video trailers of nominees in other categories, click here. To watch trailer of Angel Locsin in Lobo including her co-nominees, click here and here for stories.

A Time for Us
Watch the trailer here
ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation / Double Vision SDN BHD
The Philippines

Magdusa Ka
Watch the trailer here
GMA Network, Inc.
The Philippines

India – A Love Story
Watch the trailer here
TV Globo

Second Chance
Watch the trailer here
TF1 Production / Fontana

Perhaps in future iEmmy Awards, ABS-CBN can win nominations also in other categories like drama series and non-scripted for PBB. I believe Ms. Malou Santos, Star Cinema Managing Director, is attending the event and perhaps other ABS-CBN bosses as well.

I am hoping this iEmmy event will give them an opportunity to do networking with TV professionals at a wider scale. Beyond entering into the International Emmy Awards competition, there are a number of ways in which ABS-CBN can become involved with The International Academy’s initiatives and special events including becoming a member, juror or partner, hosts a semi-final round of judging in the region, advertises in iEmmy almanac, and attends awards ceremonies and iEmmy world TV Festival.

Perhaps, ABS-CBN will again explore collaboration with foreign networks I hope this time in America or Europe so Angel will get an opporunity to work with skilled professionals outside our country. Angeladik, my regular chatmate in the shoutbox, and I have had running conversation about Angel's potential to get recognized at the international level not only in terms of awards but in getting acting jobs as well. Going back to collaboration with foreign networks, ABS-CBN can perhaps make a pitch with Phoenix, HBO or BBC. That's what you call starting big hehe.

If you want to see the venue of The Festival, here's the scaps from Sofitel NY Hotel's website:

Paris Ballroom where Angel will receive her Medal and Certificate as a nominee.

Meeting Room - panel discussion with iEmmy nominees.

Sofitel Hotel New York

Festival partners this year are: Home Box Office (HBO), and LfM who will be hosting special events as well as CEA; Dorni Media Group, Ernst & Young; Frankfurt,, Kurnit, Klein & Selz; Microsoft; Nespresso; Phoenix Satellite TV; Sofitel Luxury Hotels; TodoTV and TV Globo.

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