Tuesday, November 24, 2009

[Photos] Angel Locsin Attends iEmmy Panel Session

On the second day of iEmmy festival on the 22nd, Angel had a panel session along with her co-nominees for "Best Performance by an Actress" category.

Angel looks stunning in her red outfit during the panel session with her co-nominees

*Photo credit to Lester and Team GELO, which I lifted from darla sauler's blog.

Many thanks for the following photos to LOLAny03@PEx of GELO thread.

Angel's name tag before the start of the panel session.

Here's the fan account from
LOLAny03@PEx of GELO thread of what happened during the panel session.
The nominees were introduced and all their trailer clips were shown one by one. Gel's was the second one. We were all very excited to see it and when you saw the first scene with the moon...AY GRABE....goosebumps na! Most of us got to see the event and trailer....and it was such a happy and PROUD PROUD moment.

THe scene of LYKA and NOAH dressed to kill in a tux and white dress, at the elevator, before heading to Lady Elle's party....MY GAWDDDDDDD....the people in the room were reacting to the scene...kakalokaaaaa....they were giggling as much as we were giggling. They enjoyed what we already have enjoyed time and time again...GRABEEEEE talaga. THis young woman & man behind me who was American and French, reacted the same way as we did...hihihihi... It was sooooo GOOD to see and HEar talaga!


I guess these photos were taken after the panel session

A close up photo of Angel

Angel with her Manager, Ms. Becky, and Carmen So after the panel session

A foreign lady congratulating and praising Angel on her
excellent performance after the panel session.

Press people taking Angel's pictures and interviewing her

Here are more photos credit to LOLAny03@PEx of GELO thread, who was able to attend the medal awarding ceremony along with pinkbike on the first day of iEmmy Festival on the 21st. Click here for previous photos already posted in the blog. As shared by LOLAny03@PEx, Angel arrived at the iEmmy medal awarding ceremony looking like a Hollywood celebrity on her coat, high heels, long wavy hair and a killer smile. They were star stuck themselves [Nicky's note: I would feel the same way for sure haha].

The following pictures during the awarding are shown also in the video mentioned in our previous blog here.

Angel receiving her gold medal as an iEmmy nominee

Angel making a "thank you" speech after receiving the medal and certificate

A closer look at Angel's certificate

Angel returns to her seat after the awarding

Angel with Ms. Becky (for sure you know her face by now hee)

Angel being interviewed after the medal awarding ceremony

Group pictures after the awarding with her manager (left most), Carmen Soo (middle) and other attendees (I guess the lady next to Carmen received the medal for "A Time for Us" telenovela of ABS-CBN and the gentleman next to the lady received the medal for "Magdusa Ka" telenovela of GMA (that's just a deductive guess lol).

I guess these photos were taken after the medal awarding ceremony.

walking around Hell's kitchen area to the restaurant for lunch

Angel in bubbly mood while walking on her way to lunch

with Angel's stylist, Ms. Lala Flores and team

I am not sure if it is only me but it seems the media coverage for Angel's iEmmy is very minimal. Had it not been to Team GELO or PRESS GELO who sent materials for SNN's coverage last night, Angel's fans would have little idea on what is happening with Angel's iEmmy experience in New York.

Many thanks to Team GELO, Lester of CPA (Certified Piolo Addict) and Don Tagala for covering Angel's iEmmy event. You made lots of Angel's fans very happy. You guys rock!

Please drop a note of appreciation to Team GELO's thread at www.pinoyexchange.com for all their efforts and sharing their experience and photos to Angel's fans as well as for the SNN coverage last night. Thanks also Darla Sauler!

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