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Imortal: review of episode 79

Review written by: Angeladik

Recap.  Abraham seeks Lia talks to her and for now will stand by Lia until proven otherwise. If Mateo ever becomes a full vampire to fulfill the prophesy.  Abraham remains loyal to his adoptive daughter and his loyalty also to Lyka at all cost since there's this obvious risk of him being branded a traitor also like Lia.

Mateo seeks Sam again to find out since he's been bothered in his dreams seeing his father trying to tell him about this vampire group who seek peace, the one where Lydia belongs to.  This is when Mateo finds out about Magnus being weakened by Mateo's blood from sucking it. Some disagreement between the two as Sam learns from Mateo he plans to marry Lia and Sam doesn't want Mateo with Lia.  Telling Mateo with his strength he should lead the vampires to the peaceful way of life being the itinakda.  He can make the vampires follow him and leave Lia as she poses only danger to him by being in the company of the Lobos who will not accept him even if he marries their Punong Bantay.

The fight battle scene ensues.  So ok that's it.  I have done my bashing already.  [posted after recap hehe -nicky].

We move on to Lia at the Waya Council trying to exonerate her mother from the wrong traitor accusation by bringing in Julio to testify before them.   Vivian always challenging Lia of course and I thought the two were really fierce and deserved the better camera angles.  Angel did the right thing in tempering her Lia who is still relatively new in calling these meetings.

I thought this would have been a good exchange for the two but it was not as long.  They downplayed this when there could have been more drama.  Well, I guess Lia is still pretty much not a fighter but rather more of in defense of just what is right. It's obvious in Lia's lines that Vivian should be thankful she's still in the Waya Council when she's been suspect since Lucille's escape. I just thought to highlight they should have given both better camera angles.  That would have made the subtle but fierce more dramatic. I really thought the close-ups should have been closer.

Then we see Mateo and Lia together in a room where Mateo made his engagement ring promise.  Looking good there the two.  Everyone by now knows of the engagement and the wedding.  Clarisse hates it.  Lucille plans to make her move at the wedding.  What was Simon thinking upon knowing of Mateo getting married to Lia?  Right after he makes a "forced deal" with Lucille to use his money to get back at Lia.  Since for now Mateo has chosen to stay with Lia and lets see if any marriage will happen before they get themselves behind bars. Will Lucille then return to power?

Before I forget, Magnus is getting better but he rejects Sam seeing her considering her a traitor many times over.  This Imelda is not happy about and Sam is expected to return to her new mentor Lydia were she's convincing Mateo to join.  Magnus is back making plans again this time make Gael do undercover work on Olive again to spy on Jethro.

Next episode.  The teasers we see Lucas finding out Mateo is the itinakda and proceeds to tell Lucille. A beautiful bride as Lia prepares to get married to Mateo.  We see both of them about to get married but whether this pushes through after Lucille finds out about Mateo lets see.

Another teaser scene we find both Mateo and Lia captured and chained in separate prison cells.  Now if the strength of the itinakdas is as it should be, they're supposed to make their escape but we don't see that.  We just see Lia in tears chained and so is Mateo.

Kissing scenes.  Yeah I think there's been a lot of kissing and frankly kissing would have been fine especially if it's used only at appropriate times.  But when it's suspect excuse for lack of anything else to write about especially concerning Mateo-Lia scenes then it's not a good thing.  Overuse with not much purpose, to the effect that sometimes just a kiss on the forehead may seem more touching.

I dunno there were episodes not this week where I thought Angel was really reduced to not so well choreographed action scenes and just kissing scenes with not good angles anyway.A way of downplaying Angel?  It's as if that's all to her?   It's a good thing this week at least the writers made an effort to "bring back" Lia.

Like I always have this suspect feeling they have to downgrade Lia just to make other build up talents shine.  This episode once more makes my point have strong evidence.   When they have to make other talents shine all they let Angel do is kiss JL and have shortened scenes cut short to accommodate those talents needing exposure.  Why they need unnecessarily longer scenes than the lead whenever they make their appearance is beyond me.  It makes me sick already having to tolerate the obvious I see.  Look, like I said I don't mind some support actor who has not proven anything get their exposure time but it's becoming too obvious that every time, they have to cut short Angel scenes which we at home and most of those I know look out more for Angel.

So okay we were expecting more Angel scenes and good substantial ones, 'cmon if kissing is all Lia will be doing then I smell downgrading once again.  Look, Angel shines so well in those better scenes for this week why the heck not continue with it?

There was a real instance in the past when this happened and the wannabee actor which Nicky knows has likewise not proven anything.  So it's sickening to watch somebody who has not proven anything and Angel's role then was reduced to just his leading lady whenever they had scenes in that TV show.

My thoughts.  For the first episode for this week, the writers appeased Angel fans like me by giving Angel highlight scenes and the result of course can't be any better. Sure we understand why Monday had to accommodate Angel again, that was the peak episode.  Then came the next day and up to episode 78 with Tito Abraham they were giving Angel substantial scenes and enough airtime.

Just because we again have this combo I suppose of two supports who're supposed to be look-alikes according to some pexers, will have the same disgust now with these two forced on us.  They had to shorten Angel scenes with less focus yet again on the camera angles unlike the previous episodes of this week.  Look, it's Angel we want to see.

Just watch Shaina Magdayao (Gabby) in Lobo, where she was supposed to be the other woman there.  Of course compared to this supposedly major support and her supposed look alike, Shaina is definitely way prettier so accusations of jealousy? Oh 'cmon the older one almost looks gay with the long face and the other geeky one is yuck with no talent to save her weird looks.  I will continue disparaging co-stars because Angel's being maltreated every time they are around.  The writers clearly favoring them having longer scenes and how many times do I have to say that Olive character is not even needed here unlike Sam although her role has been written to really make Lia the bit player instead of star.  Why oh why whenever these two are back in the scenes, Angel's Lia have to have shorter exposures and less substantial appearances is beyond me.  Just to make sure they hog the scenes?  Frankly I prefer to watch the way prettier Kristel R. than these two freaky looking characters, long faced and the other geeky and annoying.

Look, even if Gael and Olive look more of the same age compared to the younger looking Jethro there's nothing exciting about them.  I suggest they quit with this subplot. This is a repetitious subplot already needing to be resolved and finished.  It's enough already that Abraham's asking Jethro to spy on Mateo but to get sidetracked again by Olive Oil who gets a makeover, well doesn't change much actually.  I dunno sometimes they have nothing else for these recurring characters. We really wish they just put those younger prettier ABS-CBN talents instead.  But really the role is repetitious already. We don't need another rewind of this subplot.  So my request just quit this redundant crap.

Sorry that's Kristel M. or Severina, who by the way is much better too with her fight scenes unlike the lame action moves of Maricar.  Too obvious there her fight scene with JL. I thought she was trained, excuse me. Shaina did her fight scene with Piolo in Lobo way better although I think that's when her accident happened.  We all know Shaina dances in ASAP so we're not fed with reports how good she can be.  Of course too Shaina doesn't need to use some other artist to get her break in a show.  That's the good thing.  She has her own afternoon show.  Like I said just give these two wannabee supports their own show and not downgrade our Angel just so they can be watched on primetime.  My goodness, if they don't trust these two to carry a show then please don't make Angel's Lia lesser whenever they are around.  It's already annoying us at home particularly my mom who's easily in a foul mood whenever it happens.

We were made to believe Angel's Lia was back and now another accommodation yet again!!!   These people with backers we're just so sick of them and why Angel has always have to be the victim of these people? Tell us why Angel's been so over-abused whenever these kind of people having backers need their exposures.

Really now?  Does Angel really have a manager?  We feel her career was made to accommodate all those who needed breaks and doesn't focus on her.  That's been the case and what a pity for somebody who has the ability and versatility to shine even abroad, ick of this sick Pinoy power brokers habit.  Like we already know Angel's been always used to prop up those kinds of people who somehow can't do it on their own and always at the expense of Angel.  Like she was paid to be the one to prop them up.

Maybe I wouldn't complain as much if these power brokers forever using Angel would give her better career treatment she deserves.  But no, they're even stalling that huge potential. Like they don't want it happening least some favored royalty.  We see the tactics already.  So what now?  Using just freaky supports to annoy us fans once again? Yeah we know that tactic already.

Like we still remember the low budget of Darna then and why Asian Treasures was better.  If it's only Angel as main star, they really scrimp but look at Majika where they did better because some wannabee was there.  So now they have to reduce Angel's Lia just to accommodate wannabees yet again?  Perhaps if Angel's career were treated like JL's you wouldn't catch us complaining.  But up to now what kind of manager does anything for Angel?  Why do we feel her manager's are only in name but not doing anything to protect Angel?

We want consistency in treating Angel scenes ok? Don't make us suspect that great Angel scenes were there just to bring back viewers and then show those irritants again in prolonged lame scenes.  Look I couldn't be sorrier for JL in that fight action scene with MR.  Too lame was MR there.  It looked that bad and yet they kept on with it extensively.  Bad scenes shouldn't be prolonged okay?  Her manner of speech is too distractingly annoying too whether speaking in English or Filipino it doesn't help, it's just as lame. Quit this crap because we the real fans don't like the maltreatment extending too much off screen.  Look it's not only a case of Lia maltreatment.  My litany of complaints is enough and we know Angel allows it.  Sorry girl if you do, your fans are here to complain about the injustice if you're just okay by it.

I can't figure out to why they added a really qualified actor in Mark Gil but now he's just a bit player. Oh well, that's similar to Angel able to really shine brilliantly acting wise being reduced to bit player in previous episodes which up to now we can't forget any time these wannabees are getting their overextended lame exposures.

I am just waiting too when they have those better choreographies Angel did for Asian Treasures and there were good ones too in Lobo artistic wise which we have yet to see for Lia. When oh when? Or this might be reserved for Sam I suppose and won't be surprised now if Olive will be having some later? Only it will look lame or slow-mo yet again to hide the inadequacies.

Complaints complaints, but I guarantee until the ABS-CBN people tolerates me here I will continue because Angel deserves better treatment than what she's getting. This week at the start told me Angel's really gearing up the higher acting level and we know too how good her action moves are.  We need writers to impress us more with Angel's versatility.

But here we again, accommodating yet again as if we haven't seen the wares.  If that's all there is then better let Angel just take over and quit the crap. Yeah, one nice scene for Angel when Mateo offered the "ring" but promised to get the real one later.

Okay I'm done for today.  I'm hoping for a better end to this week. They started nicely so hope at least everything's compensated for in the last episode for this week.

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