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Imortal: review of episode 80

Review written by: Angeladik

Okay, it's another weekend.  At least the last episode for this week I'm satisfied with it.  They had substantially enough Angel Locsin (Lia) scenes this time to end the week.

For episode 80, we like that scene where Lia is talking to Nanay Tabs about her feelings about the wedding and BFF Miriam is looking in.  I really found it amusing and cute at first.  I found myself a bit laughing as Lia was talking to Nanay Tabs about getting married to Mateo and all the while Miriam was listening to them. The look in her face while the two, Lia and Nanay Tabs looking very supportive and happy. The feeling is there whenever they have scenes together. Nanay Tabs and Lia and, I found it amusing, Miriam was her usual against Mateo but finally cannot resist Lia.

Nice sequence for the three :glad:    Then the sequence of Lia and Mateo at the engagement party where Lia looks so beautiful in her purple dress.Actually prior to that I liked the expression and face of Lia as she was talking to Lucas.  All Angel's scenes for this episode you really appreciate how beautiful Angel is especially at the engagement party. 

I dunno your score today Jhun as I guess you're off for the weekend by now ;)  It's not exactly an "acting" episode but a light one since it's the engagement although the schemers are all over, from the Vampires to Lucille's camp, even the two women in love with Mateo, Sam and Clarisse had to take their peak as well as Lucas.  All three can't just be happy for Lia and Mateo.

Magnus at it again, thinks this time it's Sam who should bite Mateo to turn him into a full vampire.  Although not an assurance to whom he sides, this courtesy of undercover work for a Gael hypnotized Olive who finds this out from Jethro.  By now, I can't figure out how careless this Gabay is when giving info to Olive who was acting suspiciously at that time. [compared to Lobo, looks like we have young writers here in Imortal so some scenes are not well thought of I would say, perhaps due to lack of enough experience?  i guess that will account also the inconsistent character development -nicky]

There's Sam too conferring with Lydia and the urgency they feel that Mateo should lead them since misguided Vampires are getting killed following Magnus who wants an all out war against the Lobos.

Yeah I should say the four as a family, it's so real and heartfelt. This is a good ensemble cast family for Angel's Lia.  hehe I really found that particular scene where the three ladies shared the scene a bit amusing and funny at first while Nanay Tabs and Lia were at it and Miriam just listening out but unable to resist her friend. Same as Abraham at the engagement you can see how protective he is of Lia but nevertheless had to tell the Wayas that yes the wedding should be a big event for all Lobos.

You know what I realized?  As long as they don't maltreat Angel and she gets substantial and well executed scenes I really don't mind if other build up newbies have their share of the limelight.  As Olive now did.  I just didn't mind it as much since I don't really like her anyway but less sour graping as long as the show has lots of Angel watching.  So I hope the writers don't forget that.

Maybe that's why I like Lia's adoptive family because they support her aside from being good competent actors.  More please of that kind of scene for the three ladies.  The nice spice there was when Miriam was well you know she was in disagreement over Mateo but finally joins in as Nanay Tabs was very supportive of Lia's happiness.  I liked that look in her face while Lia and Nanay Tabs were oh so happy while she finally learning to be just happy for her dear friend and "sister."

Lucas finds out too Simon has some dealings with the wanted Zaragozas as he sees him talking to Clarisse, all this at the engagement.

The Magnus plan now is to bring back his daughter and make her "bite" Mateo.  Will this be another futile attempt?  Of course "Wagas na Pag-ibig" could also be the bite of Roman actually since it was actually his own battle for the vampires to finally live in peace not through war but through diplomacy and peaceful means he initiated with Lyka then.  [I dunno about Roman because I remember he let his beloved wife die than letting her live as a vampire and he was adamant also about protecting Mateo.  Back to Magnus, it's now like a dark comedy for me.  He is like a bumbling idiot with all those off plans and failed attempts hehe -nicky]

Next episode.  But in the teasers we have a bad looser Lucas seeing Mateo's signature itinakda on his nape light up, tells Lucille right away.   Scenes we find both Mateo and Lia in chains while the Vamps carry out freeing Mateo, eventually Lia is able to free herself to join Mateo in front of the Lobos.

Of course before this is the wedding.  Both Lia and Mateo looking very dashing there.  Again Angel so particularly beautiful and perfect there with her matching red lipstick, for a wedding?  But is this going to actually happen or this will not materialize? [perhaps because it's an evening wedding so they thought a darker shade like red lipstick would be acceptable -nicky]

The teasers are plentiful.  I guess it's going to take the entire next week to show all of it.  Hopefully, we get the Angel scenes we want of course.

My thoughts.  So okay overall this week was good but because of episode 79 and I really wanted more creative camera shots and angles particularly for that episode 79 then its 8/10 although there were episodes I'd give a 9/10.  I would have given it a 9/10 but episode 79 pushed it down to 8/10.  The earlier episodes for the week were the "acting' episodes but the lighter episode 80 guess would be good to prepare viewers for the next week's episodes.

Lia and Mateo will carry out what Lyka and Roman left unfinished but not without Roman having his say since this is a plan he actually initiated and Lyka who was willing to hear him out in spite the usual lobo's not to trusting feelings when it comes to vampires.  Imortal is about the kind of love of Lia and Mateo shared but its also the Imortal peace they seek and the love of Mateo and Lia having a great part in fulfilling that peace.

But then will the writers choose an all out battle?  There's already a war but the itinakdas here on both sides are in love so this will change everything.  I guess, "Kagat ng Wagas na Pagibig ang Babago sa Lahat"???  Well the biting thing has been a Magnus preoccupation?  Like he likes testing everyone who could possibly finally transform Mateo into a full vampire.

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