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Imortal: review of episode 78

Review written by: Angeladik

This is Jaime Fabregas' (Abraham) moment I think although still guilty of watching Angel Locsin (Lia) more but we have to give it to Tito Abraham as this is his episode and of course with Lia.  Yeah Julio was sidelined by the writers.  Mark Gil (Julio) is one of our underrated fine actors but I guess the story developing is more focused right now on how Tito Abraham takes his "discovery." Its hard to give a 10, I always feel there's still something lacking.  It's still not there because I feel there can still be more.  That's me.  It's actually nice from last episode to see Angel and John Lloyd (Mateo) with tested veterans Mark Gil and Jaime Fabregas, the latter we noted does roles matter of factly never drawing attention to himself but more of doing his roles as naturally as possible.

But for episode 78, lets say it's about time Tito Abraham gets his limelight moment and engages Lia in a sort of disagreement struggle in the process hurting each other, more of emotionally I would suspect than physically.   They do some physical clash as Abraham attempts to hurt Mateo.  This gives Lia little choice but to ward of Abraham, yes her beloved lifelong protector and her almost recognized father. She does give her the claw on his back.  It looks like a bad claw wound actually but you sense it's still just enough to warn Abraham not to go any further in "hurting" Mateo.

Mateo himself hurls Abraham in self defense.  What did I make out of some of pexers remarks about Abraham's fight action scenes?  Actually I thought it looked very appropriate for an elderly Waya. Abraham was never pictured as a menacing type of warrior and is more of the thinker council man. So his action moves were actually appropriate.  It helps his foreign looking features looks appropriately menacing for his attack attempt at Mateo. As usual Jaime Fabregas does his acting chores as natural as can be.  He's never striked me as a fancy actor unlike lets say Pilar Pilapil in Lobo, but is effective being natural.  Nice one too for them Angel and Jaime F.

Angel's consistency for these past few episodes, I think she's inspired being back in the natural flow of the Imortal story after being sidelined for some few episodes.  Angel's so focused for this week's episodes so far.  Highly emotional scenes but very well controlled and putting to very good use her expressive eyes deep in emotions.  You can feel it so clearly projected on screen.

Sorry for being bias but I really love Angel's show of emotions once again here in this episode.  It's really gone a notch level higher for this week including this episode.  Better I think than even her best episodes from the entire series.  Am I right or just getting carried away from not seeing Angel too long in the last few weeks episodes?

Noticeably the action fight scenes for Angel are much shorter especially if compared to some longer sequences of before.  They're focusing more on the acting and showing of emotions for this week's episodes. Still a very happy viewer.  There are shortened action moves of course.  Actually noticeable was the different approach for the Lia-Abraham action fight sequence.  There seems to be holding off.  We actually find Mateo too hurling Abraham.  The old guy is getting just enough claws or blows from the two itinakdas needing to defend themselves.

Mateo's poisoned blood.  We now know what happened to Magnus.  His bite actually of Mateo's blood turns out to be poison as Lia and Abraham witnesses how strong the itinakdang vampire is. All the while the writers forgot a bit about Julio.  He did attempt to stop Magnus.  This was earlier of course while Magnus was biting Mateo but he was quickly repulsed and pretty much was not in the scene after that.

Vampires were able to take Magnus away as Abraham was more concerned with his discovery about Mateo and Lia concerned too after getting the bite. Sam is informed about dad Magnus very weak condition and she comes to visit seemingly more concerned if Mateo's hurt.

Abraham's dilemma.  Abraham calls an emergency meeting with the Waya Council to inform them of his discovery but we don't see it but it's obvious he changes his mind.  He loves Lyka and her family too much to see Lia live the life once again of being branded a traitor.  He just can't do that to Lia.  While Mateo and Lia run away to escape Abraham's attempts to turn over Mateo to the Wayas.

Meanwhile thoughts enter Mateo and Lia's minds.  We see this scene of them together figuring out everything that's been said, from Lydia to Abraham's contrasting views and similar beliefs about the prophesy.  In fact, everybody believes the Prophesy except for Lia and Mateo who now also believes like Lia their love can both fight the destiny that is the Prophesy.

Is Lia being selfish because she really believes and feels this will change everything? The trust she gives Mateo to protect him from even her.  It seems though as long as Lia stays with Mateo, then Mateo will stay with Lia. How can he not, if Lia protects him then he owes it to her to protect her also and what Lia wants is for them not to be apart.  In short, "you and me against the world" including the Prophesy.

Of course the last sequence with Mateo and Lia together both in deep thought when Abraham gives Lia a call.  He just couldn't give Lia away.  Nice little talk at Lyka's tomb for Abraham. Finally he will accept Mateo all because of Lyka and of course his adopted daughter Lia. Like a real parent will do for his child and of course his loyalty and dedication to Lyka.

Next episode.  Teasers.  Sam alarms Lydia about the latest developments who in turn convinces Sam to try again at Mateo, to convince him again that being with the Lobos is not the safest place for him to be with.   Meanwhile Lia is still convincing Mateo to just be with her as she will do everything including fight her own people if they hurt Mateo to which Mateo is in disagreement as he believes Lia should do her duties as Punong Bantay.  As Sam attempts to get Mateo only to discover he's now more powerful and it would be impossible for her to forcibly get Mateo back to Lydia's fold. 

My thoughts.  It looks like the wedding is coming next week since Mateo stays with Lia.  It will be Abraham's secret for the moment.  You think he's telling his daughter Miriam? ;) maybe Nanay Tabs :)  The problem now since Abraham knows already and he's going to keep it a secret too is being branded a traitor too.  Something I dunno how Miriam will take.  It might be too much for her although eventually we suspect her love for her "sister" Lia will prevail just like her father eventually gave in to Lia.

Lets see how things happen. Then of course Simon being used against his wishes by Lucille.  Will they actually join forces with Lucille's promise if she regains her Punong Bantay position for Simon to finally get into Waya Inc.?  The Zaragozas are just around to prove to the Lobos once again about the daughter now too being a traitor like her mother Lyka.  Haha did you see Clarisse reaction to the wedding? now that one got a good beating from mom Lucille :P

Rico Blanco's improvement.  BTW in the case of Rico Blanco (Lucas), the one with Angel is the scene where he's improved. I noticed though that he's still finding his way because you can feel in those scenes he has to draw his emotions from within himself to be able to focus well.  By contrast, observing Angel, you notice Angel is very comfortable with her acting and interacting with her coactor in the scene. Of course she's the more experienced.  I dunno but I guess it's part of Lucas self centered character.  It's because he still needs to get more experience I guess to show off those emotions more. I guess that's the reason you can't still relate with his improvement in acting.

Of course, part of getting the response from viewers I suspect comes from having this charm as an actor too.  When we don't like how an actor looks like on screen it's hard to appreciate the actor.  I think a not so good looking actor has to be that good to be liked too.  Rico B. is not exactly a charmer as far as I'm concerned.  He gives me the impression of being somebody kind of full of himself I dunno.  It's not a good character for an actor I guess.  Actors have to be giving to generate that certain response from the audience.

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