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Imortal: review of episode 77

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 77 is another well acted continuation of episode 76. It's just a continuation because the main turn of events after the proposal and acceptance would be the Wayas and Tito Abraham finding out about Mateo being the Itinakda. Well, aside from hearing out what Julio has to say about the truth about Lyka and her connection with the vampires.

Recap.  While Nanay Tabs is surprised, she wishes Lia all the happiness and of course Mateo too but it's Miriam with the opposing violent reaction which is very understandable from a true friend.  We can even point out times when Mateo was prioritizing his own search for his identity and actually setting aside Lia but perhaps something like knowing a different part of you. We know also from several episodes where Mateo wasn't exactly the ideal BF although you somehow know Lia is his true love.  Still there were times even his love seemed wanting, based on the way writers presented it.

From the start, when Lia finally fell in love with Mateo, which at the start we know she was not.  She was the more dedicated. of course.  Lia has known what being an underdog martyr ever since her mother died. She's known suffering too much and it seems has helped her understand Mateo who needs all the understanding.

Miriam knows all about Lia's suffering so her reaction to Lia marrying Mateo means being blinded and adds up to her long suffering life.  Nice one for Miriam acting wise for Ericka Padilla.  Of course, Mateo and Lia so in love looks for real too.  Let's say they're really in for more opposition especially when the Lobos including Lia's well loved protector Tito Abraham finds out about Mateo.

Mateo visits Lucas, they grew up as brothers, and he wants to be the one to tell Lucas of him marrying Lia, which of course we know is not at all a positive reaction from Lucas.  Just when he was sending his text apology to Lia for his rude behaviour and wanting to know about his Lobo identitiy.

Finally, Lia with Mateo and Abraham visit Julio and it's this meeting where Abraham learns what Lyka told Julio about meeting a group of peace living vampires, which of course Abraham believes were all meant to fool the lobos.  Vamps are not to be trusted is Abraham's firm belief and the result is the death of Lyka. This is when Mateo seemed to have this "natural" reaction protective of his race when Abraham uttered that all Vampires are bad and out to destroy the Lobos. [this gap is my fave scene ...from the meeting with Julio where i can see how good mark gil is to angel, abraham and mateo the build up of emotion there among those four characters ...there might been improvement on lucas but i didn't feel any connection to his character i dunno -nicky]

He looked mad at Abraham's pronouncements.  Lia had to hold him by her hand to appease the growing anger as she noted his itinakda sign on his nape glow. You think it does Nicks when Mateo has this deep emotions like when he embraces and kisses Lia it also glows. Any intense emotion makes it glow. [a good observation angeladik :) -nicky]

Now I dunno why they had to stay long there at Julio's hideout when they knew the Vampires know about this particular place.   They could have left right away?? why?  As expected, it didn't take long for Magnus to be there and make his move on Mateo once again, believing he is the one to make Mateo a full Vampire.  He knows it's still a risk whether Mateo joins them or not?  From the looks of it from the teaser, bad choice.  This only made Mateo more angry at this Vampire group all the more.

So the vampire attack kills one of the lobo guards.  Lia runs after the Vampire and leaves Mateo behind.  This is when Magnus bites Mateo from behind.  Lia tries to save Mateo from the bite but is too late.

Next episode.  Based on the teasers, seems like as before Mateo is not a bit affected by the Magnus bite.  But it's Abraham who sees the itinakda sign of Mateo glow and finds out he is the one they were looking for.  His immediate reaction is to attack Mateo and finds Lia defending Mateo against him.  We'll have to wait for two things for the coming episodes even before the wedding. [i love that pained look at lia's face while fighting against her beloved lifelong protector, Abraham - nicky]

What exactly happens yet again after another Vampire bite for Mateo.  By now as Mateo reveals to Lia, Mateo feels he's stronger than ever. So let's say the Magnus bite is just another of their futile attempts.  Besides you see Mateo still siding with Lia from the teasers. Yup its a "you and me against the world" scenario as Lia is left with no choice too but to defend Mateo from Abraham's attempt to harm him.

My thoughts.  I just love it that the story is really back on track with the leads and less of extended subplots. They still show Lucas here and his story but it's not as if he is all over the place hogging the entire episodes for weeks. I think had they chosen this approach for Sam's own subplot story then the real story we were following would have been there. Being side tracked too much is never exactly a good thing.  You do a spin off for that but not within the story for too long.

Least they forget, if they want to build up stars that way give them a show like Bianca Manalo has hers in Juanita Banana.  Not force fans like us to wait too long for the one we wanted to watch. Bad move I think.  If they think the build up talent is not yet ripe for her own show then don't attempt to kill a show by making people just watch her.

They have a better approach for Rico for this week's episodes because he's getting his scenes but the leads are now "present".  People can take that and any improvement he's made is better appreciated. Of course not to be outdone, Lucille is back too with daughter Clarisse.  This time giving the limelight more to her mother and gives Simon a surprise visit.  What are they up to now?  We know Simon of course made his peace offering to Lia.

Before I forget too one other scene is the first Waya Council meeting for Lia as the Punong Bantay where the agenda was to find and kill the itinakda. A very awkward situation for Lia looking at the itinakda sign shown to her.  Of course later Abraham will find out about Mateo.

So what happens next is makes Imortal pace wise getting there and us viewers wanting to know what happens next.  The next few episodes not to be missed.  Well if not for spoilers that there will be a wedding. So let's see how all this happens.  Perhaps too Julio will help convince Abraham about Mateo.  After all he's known him for quite some time.  Lets just see how it all happens ;)

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overall Angel has reached this level of acting where she really shines each time. truly of international calibre
sometimes they allow other co stars to shine by making them really look good in their scenes
the amazing thing about Angel is she can shine all the time even when she's just in the helps she conveys emotions superbly
a truly brilliant actress doesnt need the best script to stand out
and she's probably the most versatile too for any local actress we've ever seen