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Imortal: review of episode 76

Review written by: Angeladik

I think the actors for this episode were all natural.  I like it also that the proposal I thought was very heartfelt and it's nice to see those real emotions from both our actors.  I thought this was an exceptionally outstanding episode for Angel Locsin (Lia).  Everything about it just showed how far she's become as an actress. Despite the good showing from John Lloyd Cruz (Mateo) and Mark Gil (Julio) and of course not to forget Rico Blanco (Lucas) here, probably one of his best dramatic moment where Angel was just as good being quiet there.  Everything right on target.

I have to be very happy for this episode particularly for Angel.  This episode was written to focus on Mateo's change of heart and Lucas' angst and turmoil over everything about his life.  These two men who once considered themselves "brothers" but as fate would have it, Lucas hatred for Mateo knows no bounds and we know who is the cause, Lia.

Episode recap:  Episode 76 starts with Mateo's own struggle as he leaves Lia to "find himself" but finds Julio instead who he later discovers to be the gardener of Lyka from Lia's childhood who saw Lia grow up as a child.  Of course, Mateo knows something about Julio since Lia always tells him what Julio knows about why Lyka was mistakenly branded a traitor.

Mateo and Julio were not even able to discuss this but all the while Mateo suddenly finds himself responding to a woman's scream for help and almost kills the three road side guys Imelda hypnotized to pose as trying to hurt her.

In another attempt to let Mateo join the evil vampire side, Imelda entices Mateo to kill the three guys and feel his power and even try drinking their blood.  But Mateo is able to control his urge and instead threatens Imelda, lets her go to tell the rest of them on Magnus' side that he will be their enemy and will use his power against them.

A scene very conveniently for the writer for Julio to see, which later convinces him in spite him knowing little about Mateo that he could turn around the fate of the prophesy. Even more convincing Mateo when he sees the moonstone necklace worn by Mateo from Lia, to remind him of a childhood wish he shared with Lia then at the forest.

A memory romanticized but nevertheless it still works becoz suddenly in this one episode, everything seemed to fall into place even if so easily and conveniently. The writers didn't bother much to put more substantial reason for Mateo and Lia's being drawn to each other in spite not liking each other at the start, which all too sudden they became so in love with each other.

Each time we were not allowed to see what else they shared except that they had a connection by fate it seems from the start.  This is why there are pexers who were complaining that the story development seemed inclined to link Sam and Mateo, more character development wise especially they had similar experiences too coming from more similar backgrounds.

But you can't argue with fate and the writers, can't you, if they just want you to take it or leave it.  Nevertheless, it's the acting of Angel and John Lloyd which make you believe they are truly in love with only fate and a memory as the connection between them from the writers' contribution to their characters being in love.

This is probably one of Angel and John Lloyd's best acting moment too on the romantic point of view. It helps a lot when the lines are so appropriate and touching.  The acting of both JL and Angel for the proposal scene cant be as real.  So it's one of those scenes and Angel was particularly outstanding there.  I might be biased but I think her scenes in this episode had all the variety and a bit the subtle approach but the emotions she showed overall for this entire episode.  I think she shined the most overall for her scene where Rico Blanco was really good too I thought.

Lia went there to try find out where Mateo could possibly be. Of course kind of another blow to Lucas but nevertheless when it comes to Mateo, Lia seems all out.  Nevertheless if she gets some nasty little lecture from Sam and even if it's not exactly a good idea to come to Lucas knowing his hatred for Mateo and here she comes, the reason for it seeking his help concerning Mateo.  He's had enough of Lia choosing Mateo over him.

Aside from him once again hurt by his father's low opinion of him, it's a self esteem kind of blow on all sides for Lucas. He tells her he knows she's a taong lobo and he a half lobo with no powers and a disappointment to his father.

Lia tries to be of help but is rejected.  Actually this scene was meant for Rico B. but Angel giving the nice support there in the subtle way. Well, the director could have made Angel do more but clearly it was a scene meant to make Rico B. shine.  Nevertheless all Angel scenes overall it was a great acting Angel watch. Perhaps no need also to over dramatize it.

I mean if the writer made Angel's Lia do more for Rico's Lucas in that scene, it would be a TH (trying hard) kind of scene.  Something they employ so much with Sam-Tom scenes then, which turned out overly dramatized and TH. So this is actually a good decision for the director and writer, when less is more.  Thus getting the desired effect too of highlighting Rico while Angel shines too by not trying to ride with Rico's emotions as Lia too.  That was the reaction meant for Lucas from where their relationship now stands.

The emotions would soon come but again less is more.  We see finally the last important scene for this episode when Mateo finally comes back. The writer makes it like a tiring long day for Lia and calling Nanay Tabs to get her wish upon the moon come true as Mateo finally comes home to her.

I almost forgot the Lia wish upon the moon once again.  I also liked that scene. What Angel was able to project.  A wish even if she seemed tired.  It's the subtleties that Angel projects being tired but always full of hope that Mateo will return.  The scenes actually required her to show those deep emotions and for this episode I thought she showed them best in spite also outstanding showing from her co stars.

Next episode.   For teasers, Miriam is definitely not approving of the marriage and so is daddy Abraham.  It's Julio playing Mateo and Lia's approving guardian this time.  Of course, he can lay claim to having seen Lia grow as a child and knowing a part of Lyka the other lobos don't.   hehe most pexers find the yet another Mateo biting, this time Magnus doing it, as absurd considering their bite could not possibly change somebody who's already one from birth and destined to be more powerful than any of them :P [i believe Jethro implied in his conversation with Mateo about human transformation into vampire ..perhaps Mateo needs this process too in order for him to become a full pledge vampire -nicky]

Let's see what the writers were really thinking ;) but definitely it drove Lia nuts running to save Mateo yet again.  hehe we can't help commenting together at home, Mateo really is the leading lady here especially when you see how Lia swiftly moves.  Yeah that scene I think Angel's really lost considerable weight.  Very good for her :)

Oh there's another scene too where Sam entices Mateo yet again to be with her and Mateo like the leading lady here rejects her :P

My thoughts:  hehe this is a big turnaround too from all my frustrations with previous episodes.  I like it too that Rico B. is doing his role.  This scene came naturally for him but I really thought the subtle acting of Angel in this particular scene was just overall outstanding and as well for the entire episode.

Sam has always been up with her tricks. By now it seems the writers want to redeem Lia because all the while they made Sam this selfless saviour for Mateo.  But again what would make her really believe she can be the better companion cum protector of Mateo considering Lia is more powerful than her? She can't really change the way Magnus thinks either.

I dunno because each time Sam has to look good here at the expense of not only Lia but also Mateo's character. So let's see if the writers will still stick with their writing orders or let the flow of the story favor the leads as it should be.  You know it can be confusing watching a TV series where here we have leads supposedly.  Yet they're made to look lame by writers wanting to favor another supposedly a main support but nevertheless a support.  The series can go hay wire especially so that most viewers were actually expecting this one to be a JL-Angel starrer.

Nevertheless for this one episode, in spite it supposedly more of the two men in her life, of course Lia being in the middle of their turmoil, Angel I believe really made us proud.  We just want more of this for the next episodes.  Angel is proving she can know shine the most in a lot of great scenes from co actors.

As a fan we're just very happy becuse for many previous forgettable episodes, the writers and directors reduced Angel to bit player status just to make some co star shine. It had to be that way because watching Angel particularly in this episode we have to say how she can really shine.  Thanks you gave it back to her.  Noticeably no wanting actors for this episode.  To add Imelda just did enough for her short appearance nothing exactly special but not meant to catch attention and failing to.

We just wish the writers stick to more of Angel of course and really those outstanding scenes all in one episode. It's more reason you give Angel the scenes. Happy too not showing those redundant actors from the Dara neighborhood.

Return of Julio.  Julio played by Mark Gil is just there for the supporting role but Mark Gil is always a cool actor.  He can be very outstanding had the script made him do more.  But their scenes of course were meant for John Lloyd's Mateo and he, just a tool for Mateo to realize why he and Lia were meant to be together.   Not only for their love but to fight the evil that is the prophesy.

Sometimes I wonder because we've watched some of Mark Gil in Magkaribal where he had a much bigger role.  We know how he is doing roles.  He's not one of those actors who's always lauded but actually has the real talent.

I think he just might have a bigger role later as Julio since it will come to a point where the Waya family Lia learned to love, Abraham, Miriam and even Nanay Tabs? will not take her marrying Mateo so favorably.  Let's see how Julio figures to help ease this problem for Lia and Mateo.

Mark Gil is still very new to the series and we are sort of feeling his presence but we look forward to him because particularly in Magkaribal where he's really good  We want ABS-CBN to inject those veteran actors we need in Imortal.  They have a lot of those in the other TV series and we don't see much of them here stamping their class in Imortal. [perhaps ABS-CBN felt Angel and JLC can carry their own show without a powerhouse cast hehe -nicky]

Support of Veteran actors.  There are not very well known actors in Imortal doing very well but sometimes you want to see also those veterans more familiar to you like how Pilar Pilapil was fun to watch in Lobo. BTW the pexers keep on mentioning Angel Aquino coming too. They did play lovers in Magkaribal, I mean Mark Gil, husband and wife actually later.

For my part, if they stick with this kind of story flow where Lia is on the list of main actors playing and as long as they keep on improving the scenes of Lia and her character development, this episode at least tells me, Angel's doing just fine with John Lloyd and Rico B.  That scene of the two might be one of my favorites.  At last if Rico keeps up with this then perhaps no more sour graping.  But please no more romantic undertones and he's fine with me.

So okay, Imortal's not meant for Angel to do more action scenes. After all she can't do all the fighting by herself.  That's when you miss somebody like Lyndon or Severina who looks like worthier action packed opponents for Lia.  [i may sound redundant but i want to say it again, i miss Lyndon -nicky]

Too much slo mo is just tiresome to watch especially now.  The last teaser with a much slimmer Angel running swiftly to save JL's Mateo.  Well it's about time for more action.  So that's when you start asking why did they kill Lyndon and Severina for?

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