Saturday, November 20, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 34

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 34 is an episode where once again Nina Dolino (Clarisse) shows us why handling over the top acting works and she's getting better. She might be a caricature here but she's the one driving the story of Mateo and Lia, who respond very well with great subtle acting from both.

How many times can a woman not get the point?  But indeed we perhaps have an idea there are really bratty people who are a lot like Clarisse.  Yup Nina D. almost single-handedly provides the conflict of Mateo and Lia. To some extent we see side shows Sam getting her share of having developed feelings for Mateo while her Tom can't accept it.

And my now hated cast in the series, because first he thinks he's somebody why just look at his face and those deep holes.  Maybe its hard especially when you're a fan especially that my co-viewers think oh wow this guy's face the nerve to even try to be Lia's.  Annoying kinda disgusting so I tried solving my problem by avoiding looking at him.  Congrats Imortal writers!  Now I don't even like to look at the deep holes in his face and those haggard tired looking eyes.

Lia's scenes with BFF still is all about Mateo and how much she's still affected by all this.  There's a scene where Lucas attempts again at Lia but she just rejects him by telling him she needs a friend not a guy. By the way, BFF if Lia is going to get another one especially that you're beautiful and sexy ,well don't get a reject looking guy otherwise it will appear you don't have good suitor choices right?

It doesn't make you qualified to be beautiful and sexy if you have limited choices right?  Aside from a non-looker, Lucas is a bum and you don't get hooked up with a guy just because he has a rich father right? Bad looking, lazy and dumb.

How about Mateo, I liked John Lloyd Cruz's scenes here.  Alone is better actually unless it's with Lia hehe.  Although JL does very good scenes also with the other cast.  Thanks he doesn't need to deal with a distracting annoying costar here.  The longer you look at JL and Rico Blanco (Lucas) it's too obvious too why there's no competition at all and it's strange why they didn't get a younger actor to do Lucas or if older at least somebody who looks better enough to "challenge" Mateo.

I don't buy the fact they don't have another actor who can not only be better looking but can act better.  The rooftop scene of RB is OA he should get tips from Clarisse how to handle over the top emotions.  It diminished Angel Locsin (Lia) in that scene because he was so distracting and annoying.  It's something of a Sam and Tom scene where repeatedly Maricar Reyes (Sam) is awkward because of the amateurish Rocky Salumbides (Tom).

It's not like Angel is at her best with JL, Nina D. and her other "family" costars. In fact like JL, I also want those Lia alone scenes just like a lot of JL's best scenes are when Mateo's just alone looking at Lia and when Lia's by herself or when they just look at each other.  Because it can be said when they try to capture Lucas close-ups his face is distracting right from the start yeah the eyes, down to the moustache, his slight builit and short frame doesn't help.

You can even say at least Rocky S. is a tall guy athletic built even if he acts like a dumb puppy.  I would have wanted a classier actor doing Magnus oh these are the complaints I have of the cast.

The scenes at Dara's place are all good for JL.  He had the best scenes for this episode I think.  Then he confronts Simon and then another annoying Lucas the brat the opportunist finding a way to get Lia for himself.

Aside from Clarisse although still very typical of her while Lia is still very much in training and lets see more next time because most of these training scenes are always "Bitin" and we were expecting some more confrontation with an enemy that didn't happen.  I would have much preferred it if Lia was alone in her roof top scene.

It seems Mateo is planning something and Dara is to help him. Meanwhile Lia yet again transforms into a Lobo, thanks to Mateo and the hurt and pain he's caused her.  If Mateo succeeds in convincing Lia to run away with him, hat's always exciting for a fan if they need to postpone yet again the coming "battles."  Well, it's the best reason why there seems to be not much real fights between Team Sangre and Team Lobo/Waya.

We are all waiting also how things turn out later when Mateo transforms himself.  Will he turn away from Lia? Of course after yet again another getting together this time in a deeper relation.

Anyway, let's hope the writers just stick to what works and stop this favoritism.  We know it's part of this country but hey lets give viewers a break after all advertisers are paying money to get viewers to buy their products so writers be nice and work harder and stop making Angel look bad especially to exploit her.

It's important also we get the right actors because you don't have that feeling of cmon lets get on with the next scene ike when both Angel and JL are with the competent actors of Imortal, it just flows naturally but when in comes these wanting or not the right choice of actors it can be distracting.

We know connections and favoritism is rampant but sometimes lets limit their exposure.  We know Imortal could have been way better without these distractions.  Less of them we do the series, the leads and especially the viewers a favor.

That's why its obvious why they overutilized Nina Dolino here because she's effective in her role but why try making a romantic role for somebody who looks like your ordinary janitor only he dresses well?

Why do that to the beautiful and talented Angel L. here? Where she's doing so brilliantly? Why even diminish her?  Shabby treatment of Angel wont please a fan.  Call me demanding and bratty and all but when I hear a lot of viewers saying who's this guy and why he's the other guy here, they're obviously wondering why Angel gets paired with a guy with his looks and he's not even one of those known good supporting actors.


Anonymous said...

I don't really get bothered by RB. I still found angel's acting superb,notwithstanding your perception of how RB "diminishes" angel's acting. I guess if one is really immersed in the story, and imortal is really one very immersing story, you can gloss over minor "flaws" lest these totally rob you of the joy of watching.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect and thanks for your support of the series and Angel
of course you're a fan and I am just like you
but even fans differ but I actually appreciate it when somebody reminds me like hey I dont think so

honestly I didnt bother to review that scene, why upset myself any further and believe me as much as I review even episodes on youtube and never missed an episode (just once for Imortal) but caught up on that one on youtube

from memory I thought they focused too much on RB in that scene and left Angel to shine with subtle acting but RB was so loud and bad in that scene,,,you get the point
you get distracted and irritated

its like sometimes you need to set the tone but when there's an outside force being noisy and distracting...

that's what I felt when I said RB "diminished" Angel's acting

Angel's shared her brilliant scenes with her other co actors, notably John Lloyd, Nina D. and her "family" support

lets face it, being a long time fan of Angel, Imortal is probably one of Angel's best acting wise but in scenes with RB she's not exactly at her best Imortal standards becoz RB can distract a viewer when he's made to overact he cant pull it off yup he's just good enough only for the lighter cool guy scenes...ok its just me and the people I know and we all have different perceptions and observations

if you notice I've been profuse with my apologies becoz nicky knows I've tried my best to be fair to RB at the start but no he's not even good enough yet so I feel that's the only reason he should been given his role becoz looks wise he's far from qualified

now if I sound like an overprotective fan becoz that's the fan in me, wanting the best for Angel all the time

so part of my efforts here is wanting the best for Angel
nope I dont own her but if my ideas can help as POV of some fan groups becoz actually some of my groupies share my views...yeah like birds of the same feather