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Imortal: comments on episode 33

Comments written by: Angeladik

Episode 33 is mostly about the actual engagement party.  We have a heartwarming scene between Lia and Nanay Tabs.  It's the day after Lia saw Mateo at the brawl getting himself hurt.  Nanay Tabs advices Lia to move on and not spend too much time crying over a man.  Yup and I will advice Lia to stay away from yet another guy named Lucas because being the son of Simon and "brother" to Mateo, it doesn't make sense unless the writer collaborators are giving RB all the exposure he needs here.

The engagement party actually went as we expected, with the most of the cast there including Lia, of course Mateo and Clarisse, Lucille and Simon, and yeah an aging, wasted Rico Blanco (Lucas) in spite the fashionable clothes can't hide the fact the waiter looks better than him.  Oops sorry just saying the truth.  No thanks to connections, he's not only annoying looks wise and disgusting whenever I see him I hate to say this but he really makes me puke whenever they give him lengthy scenes with Angel Locsin (Lia).

He looks bad in close ups, looks wilted, has kinda short stature, and the slight built.  Nope the clothes are not helping his bad looks and the role now makes him disgusting because let's face it, he's ugly even Christian Bautista is too handsome and tall to be even compared to this aging wannabee actor.

Sorry but he didn't need to share that lengthy scene at the roof top with Angel. Even my mom says why Angel is being treated shabbily giving her a leading man like that.  Why, we know it's because of connections and again Angel has no choice.

Just when we thought Sam and Magnus were about to look for Lia and we're going to have a suspenseful episode, what do we get, more disgusting exposure for this guy.  Well dad Simon looks to have finer skin than the deep holes on RB's face evident when they give him close-ups. Cmon even Efren Peñaflorida's simple looks look more wholesome and nice than this guy.

This will surely turn off fans if the writers keep on giving this guy more scenes like that with Angel.  He's ugly okay and not any where suitable to be trying to win Angel. It's not that we have to be particular about good looking guys but please not these shabby looking ones.

If they think RB was anywhere near cute at the roof top scene with Lia yeah she looked pretty and all there but hey I'd rather have that other guy Simon was going to replace Mateo with even if he didn't have no personality at all and an extra.

I dunno where all the better looking guys at ABS-CBN are. Why somebody looking like that Angel has to have as leading man.  Only shows how shabby and exploited Angel is.

Yeah you gave her JL but why not put John P. there. That would have been more interesting huh? Why not? At least John will look handsome, not that pathetic TH aging wannabee actor. Yeah, you look so old and tired RB.  Enough of this.  Time to put a more credible 3rd wheel guy or none at all...cmon writers I challenge you to put John P. here, give him a break again.  Yeah he's not a fave actor but he'll be way better even for the fans am sure. Why doesn't ABS trust him anymore? Look if shorter guys like RB with those looks get parts like that why wont John P. at least this will spice up the show.  [isn't he shorter than Angel?  he has the looks yeah but i dunno, hmm that i have to see first - nicky]

Sometimes it's unfair that Angel has to play godmother to these ugly ones right? Well it happened once before and we know he's just the son and we know RB is also connected to their family when he was linked to that daughter.  Now we know, Angel used again and again, even if its puking us.

Sorry nicks, this is so far from a review.  I warned you already I hate to see more of RB trying to have this romantic angle with Lia.  Why do they really need to insist on giving exposure to these guys at the expense of Angel.  You know I tried my best to be fair to RB? I dunno what his role is anyway to these people? Is he a relative or something?  Are the Blancos rich? I don't buy Direk giving this guy a break.  Yeah even the rock star image, it's all hype.

They better add better actors fast now it seems they dont trust Team Sangre to keep on inserting those RB scenes, so many delays already.  When Jake Roxas glared at Sam I was already yeah cmon go look for Lia only to be thwarted by that wannabee yet again.  That is the supposed to be the episode teaser, the Vamps after Lia.  What happened? This is so disgusting, annoying and frustrating.

You write something, you show Lia in training, she's all pent up at Clarisse, the Vamps are coming, and what? that stupidid intermission that is RB? Oh before I forget, hurt at what Mateo did? Yeah all that boils down to the "event" which is the Vamps, not the aging brat.

Good looking  2nd lead actor wanted.   It's obvious the writers are "buying" time for the Vamps but if they're beefing up some new actors for the Vamp ensemble, better add some nice looking leading man as well if they want to separate Lia and Mateo

Dont treat Lia like rag when there's BFF Miriam there for her anyway or even Abraham or Nanay Tabs.  Like don't make Lia dumb by allowing her to stay with that guy when she has "family" waiting at home and btw why was BFF not there to support Lia when she needed a chaperone?

Okay that's it! I just watch now because of Angel.  The writers are killing me now.

All my apologies Nicky.  Sorry but unless I write it here now, we care about Angel and the best for her, hope you understand. The effort we put here is not easy, promise you that but I do it for Angel so I hate it when she's treated like rag.

Again I'm so upset.  All of Angel's best scenes will have to be at the party with Clarisse, Mateo and yeah Sam.  These are the main cast of Imortal and RB is the outcast that needs to be replaced now.  Let Lia reject him again then he commits suicide.  Nope he won't even do as Sam's leading man poor Maricar imagine after pairing with Gabby Concepcion.  Again all my apologies but just warning the writers Imortal needs to pick up and RB is not a good choice for their intermission

When is Lia and Sam's face off anyway?  We dont need another Lucas-Lia thingy? Are they really out of their mind?  After all that talk about making Angel look good.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe how some power players can be so mean and such users.  So okay you pay Angel money but that doesn't give you the right to treat her shabbily just because you pay her well.  You cant even trust their teasers nowadays. We all thought the face off was happening.  What we got is more yuck! ewwwwww.  Sorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy Nicks.  Please if you have a way to contact those writers.  Like okay the viewers over here thinks the same way.  Poor Angel why doesn't she get a better leading man other than JL.

Nicky's note: To be honest, I fast forward that rooftop scene because of my Lucas allergy.  Even Angel can't cure it.  I hope it would not make me stop watching Imortal altogether but then I guess I  can have FF button as BFF whenever Lucas appears on screen ^_^

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