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Imortal: review of episode 32

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 32 is the aftermath of the announcement of the Mateo Clarisse engagement so we see more Lia - Clarisse office coffee room "encounters." This time really had us like whooaa although what we thought was more, they showed half of it already in the teasers.  Turns out Clarisse "still" thinks Lia just learned some self defense tricks.  I meant Clarisse "still" thinks "nalaktawan" or Lia won't be transforming into a Lobo.

This episode actually like I said should have been all in the last episode but they stretched the scenes to make sure Rico Blanco gets a lot of scenes with either Angel Locsin or John Lloyd Cruz.  It's pretty much becoming obvious since seriously we don't think RB can do a TV series with him being the star so they're maximazing all the exposure he can get in Imortal so many people will give him that "chance."  It's becoming glaringly obvious they stretched what could have been 1 episode to 2 to give RB so many highlight scenes.  The lame thing about this attempt though is first it makes this attempt futile.  When you stretch too much, it becomes tiresome especilly if what you're watching out for is not RB. 

Too many Rico Blanco scenes.  Okay, so they've established his role here like the older brother adviser to the love newbies Mateo and Lia but getting into the frame.  Too much focus already on his character is clearly making this thing boringly tiresome, like how many past episodes have they devoted to his persistence to get Lia's approval.  Does the Lucas subplot really have to take too much of the pace of the series? Okay so why are we not complaining about Clarisse? becoz she's a brat? Then we know Lucas is another rebel brat?

Of course the scene of Lia arm twisting Clarisse in self defense we waited for that because part of the anticipation is when Lia really transforms, so part of her "encounters" with Clarisse is that anticipation.  The Clarisse and Mateo "engagement" is the event that is driving the present state of emotions of Lia and Mateo, so again we don't mind.

But too many scenes for RB is unnecessary because Lucas concerns now is just still a side show to the "event" which is the engagement announcement.  Looks like someone just wants to make sure RB gets maximum exposure here.  I think Lucas is getting too much exposure when team Imortal should figure out a way to start making team Sangre more interesting.

Sam-Mateo love angle.  We also have now Sam turns out being "attracted" as well to Mateo. Now it's not a good idea for Maricar's character development really.  Just because her vampire crew can't make her any more interesting she needs JL now?

I've said it before poor cast choice for the vampire ensemble and Maricar's best efforts at looking the vamp is not helping her cause and we know great care was given to make her really look the Vamp part. Perhaps bringing her to the other ensemble will change things for her because as long as she stays isolated with the vampire ensemble cast, they all look like outsider liabilities to the series just because the head on conflicts has been centered recently more on Lia-Mateo and the bratty all over the place Clarisse.

I think that's the challenge of the writers now.  I think the Imortal team is still so lucky particularly because in spite Angel's slight weight distractions whenever the camera decides not to highlight the weight flaws you're easily mesmerized by Angel's combination of acting and beauty here. In spite of again best efforts to make her the outsider when they let her appear in the simplest clothes compared to the entire cast.

JL also provides the drama here and how his character revolves around Lia makes their combination very interesting since they match well in dramatic highlights despite us knowing the writers can come up with better.

Next episode.  Lets see, the teaser has Sam at the engagement party finally "sensing" the presence of the "One" mistook her for Lyka but Magnus was around to correct her, the daughter of Lyka.

Okay the last scene before the teaser we have Mateo just allowing him to get beaten up in another familiar brawl scene, somebody texting Lucas what was happening and yeah while he was visiting Lia so a worried Lia wanted to go with him after asking Lucas to leave.

The ending scene while Lia unknown to Lucas followed him at the brawl site inside instead of just waiting outside hears Mateo's speech when Lucas asks him why he's allowing himself to get beaten up by not fighting.  Mateo saying he wants to feel all the pain of getting hurt that's when we see Lia's face too.  Kinda cheesy and set up but nevertheless Angel and JL's very effective facial expressions makes it all work.

Imortal's winning formula.  There's a lot to be said here that it's the acting of Angel and JL and for many their combination on screen which is holding Imortal although we can still count on some reliable cast support here and the strong support coming from Nina Dolino despite the overuse of the "conflict" she provides.

For many episodes now, it's clear the Clarisse conflict has provided the major conflict for Imortal with the rest of Vampire ensemble almost outsider non-factors just around watching the other two ensemble groups, the lobos and the humans.

Even Mateo's own transformation issues has somehow taken a backseat to Lia's very own transformation issues for now except for Mateo still needing Sam's assistance re those similar "changes" they share. 

We hope somehow the Vampire ensemble can level up because next will be their discovery of Lia finally and that's when we expect their turn at Lia after Clarisse almost owning Lia's conflicts.

This time, Sam gets her very own turn at Lia and lets see who's the better villain, Clarisse or Sam?  Hopefully too, while all this is surrounding Lia, that should be the perfect time for Mateo to get on with his own transformation as well.

Too many RB highlights, a liability.  The events needs to come fast since lately the trying to insert and give RB highlight episodes is really dragging the pace of the series and that's a major culprit why Imortal could have been still interesting with just Mateo-Lia-Clarisse there.   But whenever Lucas joins the fray it's bad for the series.  Why? over highlights for him when his role should be just like Simon's.

To begin with Lia considers him just a friend and we'd rather see some background of Miriam BFF's relations with Lia or Nanay Tabs with Lia than to Lucas with Lia.

For me its not just RB being unfit already for the role but exaggerated attention to his role when he is just a side show here.  Clearly from the story development, it's Clarisse and Sam who should be getting into more scenes with Lia, that's what viewers are waiting for.

Instead of getting on with that, the writers have to say, hey let's give RB more scenes first before getting on with the Sam-Lia conflict and how about Lucille too we know her conflict was left off to Clarisse.

Good supporting cast.  Vivian Velez (Lucille) looks more comfortable now in her role although I feel Simon is actually making a better deal as villain to Lia based on story development and his execution of his role in spite of what some pexers say is his difficulty with Tagalog lines still fine that he makes a mean villain to Lia.

For me Johnny Revilla (Simon) apart from Nina Dolino is the other effective villain here and making those demands on Mateo he's being to the point, is still on target.

Samantha's character.  I think the writers are still not on target on what to do with Maricar here. While they really want RB all the major exposure he needs here by really building him up as a credible romantic interest even if unnecessary and dragging the pace of the story.

Looks like weakness of team Sangre has not helped Maricar.  The writers look reluctant now about her anti-heroine stance here and looks to us like writers are going for the romantic interest to Mateo thing instead of being a worthy anti-heroine to Lia. [have you seen the RPG Pangil, Samantha's Quest at ...Sam appears to be more like a heroine there than antagonist -nicky]

Lets see, we know they might want that again as part of the Sam-Lia conflict, really it always has to drag some romantic interest for Mateo like all the girls are crazy about him? Sometimes we don't need exaggerations like these. I dunno Sam's character was not at all developed like that and those looks she gives whenever her co-vampires notice it, looks like hey look you notice I like Mateo.

Happening next is the awaited Sam-Lia conflict, will they pursue it right away? or stick with the proven effectiveness of bratty Clarisse.  That's the problem with the writers in writing a character that's not exactly a villain who might even turn out to be a second heroine for Imortal, the writers are now having difficulty I think in making Sam's integration in the story interesting.

Aside from acting adjustments Maricar seems to have to encounter it's still happening because of her can't decide where my role is.  Sometimes she's become awkward in the process and all the glam up looks wise is not as fierce whenever these awkward acting happens.

The writers better make a good account of themselves here because we noticed they just gave up on V.V. and left it all to Nina D. to take over.  Same thing's happening to Maricar.  They have delayed her encounters with Lia perhaps not sure if it will work out since she's still adjusting to her role?  Hopefully it doesn't turn out that way.

It's already a fact the writers attempts to make that romantic interest in Mateo is pushing that awkward thing more loosing steam yet again with what I said could have been a very good acting challenge for Maricar.

Lets see what the writers come up for us when the conflicts start.

Emotionless Magnus.  How about Magnus? Well this actor actually I have no expectation at all so never mind.  Well at least you can say he's a real vampire because he looks cold and emotionless.  If I were Sam I wouldn't even be afraid of his weak personality.  Okay he's more powerful but no, the actor obviously has such a weak personality it's affecting his ability to make any impact to his role.

C'mon if Team Sangre is ever going to make a strong impact here, we need a real character actor/actress beefing up the team badly because that's part of the conflict of Imortal and with the present team Sangre it's not there at all.

Yeah like we heard like RB, the actor Jake Roxas was also brought in by Direk Chito, his wards as the news have it...tsk tsk

Lets then wait what's next for the team. 

Overall the main interesting points are still Angel and JL and Nina extending her effective bratty caricaturish role.  But really writers I think viewers are expecting more.

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