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Imortal: review of episode 31

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 31 is actually another "bitin" episode and a bit what the? in spite of many good dramatic scenes for Angel Locsin so maybe that was the part where at least I'm satisfied.  Otherwise, I thought the next episode's teaser should have been in this one rather than extending to two episodes what should have been one.  So finally, we see a much slicker Lia in training.  Nice moves there for Angel and some "clumsy" falling ones since she's still "learning."

Of course, Rico Blanco is back in this episode.  As much as we want him out he's just there as per connection's advice and really loosing his more favorable initial response from viewers like me particularly because he's just good for a best friend role but not the romantic third wheel, they so desperately want for him and that's how he looked like - desperate and old.

Angel shares home scenes with her adoptive family, talks about training and then training and what they think about the whole Mateo issue and how Clarisse wont like it.  While all this is happening, all the while Mateo has been blackmailed about Lia being arrested again on orders of Clarisse' people.  Yes, it's been said they have connections, can just order you to be arrested without enough evidence?

To avoid that harm again happening to Lia, Mateo "agrees" to the engagement but all the while he has other plans.  Lucille we know has to deal with her daughter's wishes since she too has been blackmailed by Clarisse for hiding the fact that the vampires are still around.  So the Zaragosa women and Simon agree to their deal in exchange for Mateo who's doing this under the threat that if he doesn't, Lia will be harmed.

Scenes at the office coffee room with Clarisse "bitching" around again would just backfire as Lia tells Clarisse she's making a fool of herself by marrying somebody who everybody knows doesn't love her as at the Vampire household of Magnus, both he and Tom agree the marriage is perfect so they can use Mateo to spy the Lobos and the Punong Bantay which its clear now, part of the story is Sam seemingly getting to like Mateo for herself? She looks like falling for him taking a drink after reading about the engagement splashed in the papers.

A dramatic encounter between Mateo almost not able to say anything to a highly emotional Lia surprised at the sudden "change of plans." Then of course RB has to be there which that's when his attempts at Lia is so not good for the show or maybe his lack of looks make him look really bad.  No one will root for this guy.  He's actually a brat who's suddenly become selfish wanting to grab the opportunity to get Lia for himself.

Why would I even fall for a supposedly rich kid who's a bum and thinks he can fall for a girl and make her happy when he's still irresponsible.  What right does he even have after being rejected?  At least the writers are still there when they had those Lia rejection lines. Hopefully it doesn't change because it's clear what his intentions are and besides what makes him any better anyway because he just realized he's fallen in love and yet is still an irresponsible bum.  Talk about being selfish!

Then we have a scene important for this episode where secretary of Mateo nags him why he would choose to be Vice President (VP) over his happiness and that's when Mateo reveals to her his plans after of course that consultation with a lawyer.  Plan will be to get the contract deal signed so Simon can buy 30% of Waya Inc. since the contract doesn't say anything about the engagement deal which is not on paper but we know the threat of Lia being in danger there.

Mateo promises himself he wil protect Lia not after secretary warns him he better do this quickly since Lia is hurting and she might be too angry at Mateo and that would be too late.  That's when RB makes his scene at Mateo.  Really the role was wasted.  Why can't there be a better looking other guy here?

Next episode.  So on with the teaser for the next episodes.  We find Lia in that arm twisting encounter with Clarisse, hoping this will finally show in next episode and of course that very emotional scene while Mateo was being hurt at a brawl.   Was Lia watching it or something?  As Mateo was saying something like he was also hurting, Lia was crying all the while.  Nice last shoot of Angel there.  Like I said many good dramatic scenes for Angel Locsin but we wished less of RB he really got a lot of scenes here.

But the enjoyable antagonist has to be Clarisse.  Her role is all out with no pretensions.  Just plain fun antagonizing of the protagonist heroine and hero as well, blackmailing Mateo to marry her.  She sets up the tone for that arm twisitng scene and perhaps more she'll be getting from Lia next and how about Lia I think her "encounter" with Sam will happen at the Mateo brawl scene?

Heartthrob Mateo.  Here the writers are trying to put in yet another love angle twist as Sam "falls" for Mateo. If that happens I think Lia should also get another better looking leading man since Lia has only 2 leading men to Mateo's 3 so that's unfair for an Angel's fan especially so that both Nina Dolino and Maricar Reyes are better compared to the bad deal Angel's getting yet again.  [can they get Derek Ramsay hehe ..heard he's interested to work with Angel and would welcome even a cameo role in Imortal -nicky]

Well at least in Lobo, Angel got the Eigenmann brothers, Geoff and Angel were cute and surprisingly the nerd scientist role for Ryan E. although he later had an OA role was suitable to him more than this trying hard, desperation of RB.

Okay Angel got John Lloyd Cruz but RB? Are they joking?  He's just an older brother friend.  That's the role he should confine himself to.  His attempts at being a romantic third wheel is so pathetic they really need to put another one here or just remove his role.

Angel will be fine with just JL.  No need to have as many leading men since Angel doesn't need more if they're just a liability.  I guess have to take back my words. JL can have all the leading ladies and Angel can just have JL but please enough of RB.  Just remove him if the writers insist on this nonsense.

Although I'm not inclined to Sam falling for Mateo here but it might be needed to move her conflict with Lia since nice girl Lia usually isn't fierce enough unless it's Mateo at stake.

Remember how she tolerated Clarisse until Mateo came into the picture.  That's when she'll have enough of it and perhaps this will be needed as well if Sam makes her "moves" on Mateo.  Of course, her approach will be more smooth and sly compared to the loud Clarisse.

I hope this will get to the writers to be fair to Angel.  Like it's enough that they have to show those unnecessary camera angles showing body parts of Angel when close ups of the face are beautiful.

There's something too about RB's skin that makes him look old.  It just adds up to a fan getting disgusted with this unfair treatment for Angel when its supposed to be her long awaited series with JL and she has to serve yet another wannabee actor like again?

Enough is enough.  I hope this is the last episode we'll see Lucas bothering Lia again. Just confine him to scenes with the other cast okay.

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