Saturday, November 20, 2010

[Fan Video] After the end: Angel Locsin & Luis Manzano

Wanna share this fan video I created for Angel  Locsin and Luis Manzano.  For the lyrics of "After the end" by KC Concepcion, click here.  

Posted at NlCKl's channel

Trivia: I didn't realize that "After the end" is KC's song after I completed the fan video and came to discover only when I checked the actual lyrics.  Yeah, I was more into melody than lyrics so I didn't bother checking it when I was compiling the video clips. 


Anonymous said...

..whats song is this? i ♥ it!..:) whats the reasons angel and luck broke??... thnks 4 diz vedio... :)

Nicky said...

"After the end" by KC Concepcion ...i believe they are not telling why they broke up again ...thanks for loving the vid :)