Saturday, November 20, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 35

Review written by: Angeladik

In episode 35, we see Lia once more in training. Some nice action moves for Angel Locsin.  It's well executed but I was hoping there were less people watching her training like Lady Elle before for Lyka.  It was one on one.  It gives more heart too to the training scenes where we want to hear more words of wisdom, which is more personal on a one on one level.  Pilar Pilapil (Lady Elle in Lobo) can do it, Eddie Garcia, Dante Rivero and those other veteran actors who mentored Angel in her training roles.

I don't have any complaints about Angel as we know she executes action scenes "in training" very well.  I feel they've done these "in training" scenes repeatedly so we need that variation, incorporate something more than just action moves, some heart.  I'm sure Jaime Fabregas (Abraham) has it in him to impart that wisdom factor.

I remember how Lady Elle did it with Lyka (lead character in Lobo played also by Angel) and the matching hug after Lyka does well.  Sure Jaime F.'s Abraham is more straightforward so sometimes we just need more of that heart.

This time it's Clarisse and Sam sharing those tense moments and as usual Nina Dolino (Nina) always bringing the best out of her co-actor in this one. Sure she's the caricature but still effective.  Nice scenes for Nina D. and Maricar Reyes (Sam) there.

As usual, Rico Blanco's (Lucas) role now is reduced to annoying even with his scenes with John Llod Cruz (Mateo), he's become really desperate and unlike Nina who we think is having her thing working for her and her audience responding to her antics.

RB we find has reached his end point just because suddenly he's miscast and unfit for the role he's into now, too much too soon?  Yup that's the thing.  Perhaps it's not only his face annoying me because I was able to bear with him earlier in the series, guess as his role became more complicated, he really is not fit anymore for this role.

Jethro's back and it's so refreshing Lia's "bantay" is even younger than her although Angel looks cute with Dino Imperial (Jethro) hehe.   So refreshing to see Jethro and dad once again.  Yeah the actor playing Jethro's dad looks younger than RB so the miscast now is glaring and we know it when the blind date BFF got for Lia just had to be that old. Another miscast because he didn't look like the guy would even do Facebook? Afraid to get even a younger extra?  The more we'd whine about getting another more suitable second leading man for Angel?

I mean BFF, Lia doesn't need another guy right now and Facebook c'mon, you can do better than that.  Don't they have a real social life and aren't there good looking taong lobos?  [perhaps that blind date was inserted \to address the request of some fans to put some light moments and personally i did not find it funny because it looks contrived and out of  character for BFF to do - nicky]

Then there's Mateo making plans, Dara, his secretary's his confidante, knows everything....

Thoughts.  Not much really except we know Mateo's making plans for himself and eventually Lia.  Clarisse is agitated but still clueless? whenever Sam brings up the Ortegas and of course Jethro's latest - on the eve of the wedding a halimaw will kill who?

Once more Lia reads Jethro's blog to find out what happens next.  Teaser time Mateo will be in danger? and Lia is there to save the day once more for him.

I hope I get my wish for the next episodes.  Mateo and Lia having more scenes again, who I don't want to see here, more Jethro-Lia too, Sam-Lia, Clarisse-Lia, and more Lia but please not with Lucas, please spare us.

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