Friday, November 5, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 23

Review written by: Angeladik

On with episode 23 and yeah Clarisse is so back!  Of course without us finishing our Mateo-Lia fixation by now the magnet is so making them so close even the fury of Clarisse and the danger of being under closer scrutiny is not enough.

Clearly Lucas is ever becoming suspicious about what's going on between Lia and Mateo while Clarisse is so madly in rage hitting Lia yet again physically and with even more verbal abuse in that very tense scene at the ladies' powder room.

Lia it seems is not able to handle these humiliating verbal abuse Clarisse unleashes like a mad lobo and Lia herself is on the heels of turning into her lobo form unable to control her transformations yet but some ladies enter the powder room otherwise the unwanted might happen this time really giving away Lia's "secret".

That was some scene, both actresses really strong in these kind of power play scenes.

Mateo is still bothered and his light scenes with his secretary to emphasize the kilig and build up for later scenes with Lia and this time Sam is positioned to enter the scene.  We are being prepared for Lia's next adversary the Magnus annointed Sam while the tense moments for Lia and Mateo move forward.  After all, Mateo doesn't know yet about Lia's Lobo identity and Sam brainwashing Mateo about how blood thirsty taong lobos are.  This time, Sam is better off in her scenes minus the Vampire ensemble

It's obvious the mood is set for what is yet to happen - her face off with Lia.  Then the other more sensitive face off will have to be when Mateo discovers about Lia's being a taong lobo and him to be actually one of the Vampires.

I found this episode too short.  Lia confesses to friend Mads about her feelings about Mateo and her fears of hurting him when she finds out he got some burns although strangely there are no signs left just like Lia having no broken bones after being thrown that high?

Some more vampire scenes and then the one of "interest" would have to be Lia and her training with her adoptive father like figure mentor Abraham played by Jaime F. with more "interest" so lets see how this new Elle turns out.

My  Thoughts.  The conflicts have been obvious to happen from the start so how it turns out depends on the writing skills of the writers.  Creativity is so important especially in creating more variety when it comes to scenes something of a drawback, sometimes to us because of budget restraints?  Usual closer observation says there have been rehashed scenes so it's mostly up to the actors to make them "interesting" all the time.

Viewers understand what the conflicts are in the story but the true test of good writing I think is how to weave those conflicts, make the scenes interesting all the time. 

So next is Lia in training.  This is something new of course because after a while no matter how effective the actors, its still the writing which moves a teleserye, not only engaging characters but a good story progression and pacing and variety of the scenes does help.  Standstill makes watching boring so keeping interest has always something to do with the interplay of those many ideas organized and flowing.

It's a good idea when Clarisse takes her rest then comes back after one episode becoz then you look forward to her next bratty.  Then of course we have this alternate in Sam who still has yet to face off with Lia. 

I hope the writers always have new great ideas for each episode we watch although I can see redundant storylines can still be engaging depending on how they unfold.  I dunno am not a writer but when I notice the series maybe is slow paced, then of course after "events" we need to get the answers at the right time.  That's what keeps the viewers glued and interested each time.

Okay hehe I'm not to give advice to the writers here, just keep the show interesting all the time.  Great scenes for Angel all the time of course :D that brings out her best.

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