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Imortal: review of episode 22

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 22 is the aftermath of the important events of epi 21.  Mateo is really worried and looking for Lia who by now picked up by friend Maj after she was alerted by Mateo.  Like the less dramatic fuss of Lia's transformation to a Lobo, the transformation back to the human form Lia is also less dramatic and more or less shows only a hot, beautiful sight of Lia.  Of course the scene that follows is between her and BF Maj and they really strike you as good friends here.

Finally Lia is back home where her adopted family perhaps the most caring and explains why Lia is a sweet well behaved nice lobo saviour in waiting.  You can feel the warmth in that house in spite of the danger to this "event" of her much awaited but have to be kept secret transformation.

Then Mateo finally shows up to give his support and much love :glad: to his Lia.  By now both John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin are warming up to give the audience all that loving and kilig romantic fans crave for so much.  Well of course the aftermath tension isn't just about seeing two Vampires and a "halimaw", you can see the pain in Lia's face when referring to her lobo form as "halimaw".

The tension also has something to do with Lucas around and he didn't really see the very tight loving hug of Mateo and Lia but you can sense he's not only suspicious of what both saw but also about them? or has he?  Notice how Lia put down his hand gently when he held her face in front of Mateo. Then comes Lucas asking very prying questions about them or what happened?

Another awkward vampire scene for Magnus, Sam and Tom and later that confrontation of Tom and Lyndon's school teacher vampire friend.

Next episode.  The teasers for the next episode will find us back at the office and Clarisse furiously mad like a Lobo at her discovery that Lia followed her and Mateo at the Bright Lives Foundation

Then Sam making her moves again to try to find out through Mateo where to find Lyka's daughter.  You think its intentional Nicks the Vampire dialogues are not delievered as clearly? [perhaps not, because Jake Roxas is Direk Chito's protegee and i expect he would prefer Jake to shine here or deliver as expected at least- nicky]

Oh and there's yet another scene, this time Lia suppressing her Lobo fury at yet another attempt by Clarisse to hurt her.  Yeah, she was warned by her godfather Abraham to keep things in check since her full transformation is still their secret.

The thing the Vampires already know is because Lia's Lobo has the power to burn a vampire which is unique only to the annointed Lobo and as prophesy, it has to be Lyka's daughter.  That happened already to Lyndon and why he's dead

Lia's color as Lobo.  About the color of Lia's Lobo, I guess its fiery but has white also and other shades of some black perhaps United Colors and the fiery golden brown is about her unique ability to burn a vampire dead.  United Colors means Lia will save everyone here becoz if we remember Lobo, Lyka saved only the Lobos and she's white.

Weak Vampire ensemble cast vs. Lobo.   As previously pointed out, the Lobo ensemble cast including Angel's adopted family are played by really competent actors with Jaime Fabregas (plays Abraham Villamor) and Vangie Labalan (plays Tabitha). Both very dependable veteran actors who give excellent support and the not so familiar face playing Angel's BFF Maj (Erika Padilla as Miriam Villamor) again proves to be another good casting choice.

Even Mateo's support cast of Johnny Revilla (plays Simon Teodoro) and Rico Blanco (plays Lucas Teodoro) likewise give him good support cast each time which unfortunately for the Vampire ensemble, the choice of Jake Roxas (plays Magnus Imperial) and Rocky Salumbides (plays Tom Moreno) is so wanting.

Perhaps Rocky has a convenient excuse to be a weakling because of that backgrounder they had still his screen confidence is lacking and same goes for Jake R. It's so difficult to watch these two actors when the other ensemble cast are doing great.

The thing with RB is he has confidence and as an actor it shows something I feel lacking with Jake R. and the Rocky guy in spite his role...amateurish.  It's the same for Dino Imperial (plays Jethro Kabigting), a young kinda cocky young actor but you know what you need, that confidence as an actor, and the young actor Dino has it.

It's better when you have that....the two Vampire actors don't project as I'd want them to because the confidence is lacking.  I dunno if it's just me or I should see more Vampire "acting" and are they meant to have this boring kind of approach?  Okay lets be fair, I didn't mean these two vampire actors are incompetent.  It's more like a better actor could have done better in their roles and the end result would not find me bored with their scenes.

A veteran actor like Albert Martinez perhaps could have been a better Magnus don't you think, who else?  and so with the Rocky guy who makes Maricar Reyes (plays Samantha Imperial) act stiffly now on many occasions, actually both actors do.  So it's not helping Maricar and we hope when she shares scenes with Angel later she won't disappoint because really she looks the part, but these two actors are messing it up for her.

End result, the Vampire scenes are the ones that bore me so much and now that Lyndon's (Carlos Morales) gone, that best friend teacher (Archie Alemania as Arturo), I don't think he has enough to really make up for it.  In a way, Lyndon was there to save the day for them but he had to go when Lia the Lobo killed him

I mean take the case of stereotyped Clarisse (Nina Dolino) who looks so comfortable in her role.  I am sure Angel has the easiest time doing the same when you have a co-star who is somebody not too familiar but can do her stuff smoothly and yes despite stereotype.

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