Friday, November 5, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 24

Review written by: Angeladik

episode 24.... a bothered Mateo and Lia ends their meeting while Sam follows Mateo at Cafe Julia.  Mads and Lia discuss more about Mateo and Lia's feelings about him but fears she's their constantly being together makes him weak so she decides to avoid him while Mateo's "talk" with Sam sees her warning him of the taong lobos as evil...brainwashing. 

After two dialogue scenes, we move to Lia's training with her Tito Abraham, turns out Lia's training only means Lia is still a softy nice girl at heart so turning into a Lobo for goody two-shoes wouldn't be exactly easy as pie.  Lia's a bit embarrassed about not living up to her mother's reputation because she's so proud of her she wouldn't want to put her down. And Clarisse my oh my, she's now so mad at Lia, so desperately wanting Mateo and really furious in anger and envy knowing Mateo showing signs he cares a lot about Lia.

Meanwhile, we have to be updated what's on with the Team Sangre.  A lobo group we don't know yet which one, discovers a vampire attack and Sam's in the area to check out while lobos meet her or rather they have an "encounter."  This time Magnus and Tom are just outside the victim family's house waiting how Sam turns out in her own "fight" with the two investigating lobos.  The two lobos-Sam "encounter", we will see what happens in the next episode.

While moving back to Clarisse, she's so mad and making her moves, approaching Simon to make her proposal to make Simon Landholdings part of Waya Inc in exchange for the guarantee she gets Mateo.  All this while Mateo is worried more about Lia since she's avoiding answering her phone and suspects Clarisse has something to do with it after Clarisse becomes uncontrollable in front of Mateo.

Next episode.  The next episode will be the suspenseful Clarisse Lia "encounter" this time Clarisse is on the prowl she's so mad she wants to give Lia a lesson or worse get rid of her.  Actually in the teaser Mateo accidentally or was he looking for Lia and bumps into her? It's all just the teaser perhaps they talk once more and Clarisse could have been following them.  When Mateo and Lia leave their separate ways, Clarisse follows her and thats when her "attack" happens.  I'm hoping Lia's able to use her phone to call SOS help from her Tito Abraham because we all know she can't just transform into a lobo least Clarisse finds out about it which isn't the right time yet.

Whether the writers will opt for that or make it more crazy by actually allowing Lia to transform and yes make Clarisse find out its happened already for Lia is up to the writers, which I will have to patiently wait for...that's the exciting part. Also the side story of Sam and her lobo encounter lets see what happens too.

My Thoughts.  The characters so far are really into their roles although still not satisfied with the mood at Team Sangre perhaps that's the mood with the vampires? I have to be enlightened because everytime it's their turn, I'm still very bored dark or lighter backgrounds whatever especiallu with Magnus and Tom around in particular [perhaps it's because we can see their awkwardness and thus it's breaking the flow of the drama - nicky]

Anybody in the same scene as these two actors, I dunno they become boring it's automatic already and the only interest there's left is how they'll affect the later "battle" so you still want to be updated with what's with them.

With regards to Clarisse Z. once again she makes mad as whoa hehe what happens to Lia? and looks like poor Lia is still vulnerable in spite her powers that first she needs to hide even from the rest of Lobo land and she cant even control herself.

Oh well the supposedly strongest annointed lobo has to be this weak at the start and in some sort of danger who knows what happens.  This is the premise for viewers to make things interesting side by side with Mateo's own dilemna and how they both cope with their own issues and their feelings where all these will take them :heart:

Nice episode...Clarisse don't be that scary for our Lia okay?  But well let's see who gets scared next episode? :P

There are some few stretched dialogues particularly the part of Mateo and Sam at the start of this episode.  Sometimes long stares creates a dragging effect.  I like those Mateo alone in his room moments not too long scenes but enough to show his anguish about his troubles and his worry for Lia's safety.

Overall the stand out for this one is the attention catching Nina D.  Really it doesn't matter you're not a well known actress.  I'm sure by now many know you already as Clarisse making Lia's life so hard.

Overall great acting for the rest of the ensemble cast and our two leads.

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