Friday, October 29, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 19

Review written by: Angeladik

Episode 19 and this is the 4th week okay.  Well, we were all hoping that kiss would happen now but no I think the next episode is Mateo's red balloons and the "danger" confronting him although looks like Wolverine look-alike Vampire [the guy called Lyndon if i heard the name correctly? - nicky] just wants to contact Mateo and that seems to me the events for the next 20th episode.

We find yet again another bitchy scene for the mother-daughter combo Lucille and Clarisse with daughter really uncontrollable to Lia's almost Cinderella like take.  Finally, the evening dinner happens to try seal the deal of Simon Landholdings with Waya Inc. Simon doesn't know though Lucille is just trying to find out more about the company and what Lia's up to with no intention of even selling that 20% Simon thinks Waya Inc. is selling but not to non-Lobos.

As usual expect Clarisse to be the high fi stereotype here although her crisp manner with her dialogues still make her the very effective anti to Lia's likewise stereotyped underdog heroine.  Both are really an effective combo here hehe.  It's almost a continuation of the previous show but both actresses of course are still very engaging in spite of stereotype.  Mom Lucille is almost taking a background here to the two younger Wayas engaging in all that "battle" for Mateo :P

Of course, we know Lia is not exactly pursuing Mateo but she's definitely attracted to him and no matter how much Mateo resisting her, she too is like a magnet he seems drawn to and can't help himself falling in love.  Only viewers like us will need to patiently wait a little more. Well, this waiting game for Mateo and Lia I think is just the right pace since we don't want everything rushed :) still better when it's the slow but sure way.

Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz are just naturally charming, kilig to watch playing coy for us viewers.  It's really so much better to Rico Blanco since he really looks just like an older brother to Lia and Angel and JL look cute and better.

Some more Sam scenes although I wonder sometimes is the gym and the bar and those private rooms the only places we'll see of Sam's character and yeah the rooftop.  The Vampires are really dark here unlike the Lobos.  Well it's been explained the Lobos have mixed well with society while the Vampires are in hiding.  Obviously too the Vampire story will have to take a backseat to Mateo living in the human and lobo world while the vampires are not as exposed.

Of course the most that excites me as an Angel fan is sooner that kiss is happening, Lia is going to transform and next up we will find out what happens when Vampire guy finally approaches Mateo and what Lia will do about it.  There's a part supposedly for the next episode where Vampire actually wants to know more about Mateo and has no intention of harming him.  Although the red balloons supposedly meant not a good sign for Mateo according to Jethro who's now MIA since dad Tikboy decided and left their home.

The scenes of Simon, Lucille, Mateo, Clarisse and Lia then on to Lucas had the right tension so this ensemble cast is really doing well. [i dunno why but i like the best the scene when Mateo runs after Lia ..had to replay that several times with Clarisse running after them other fave is when Clarisse later joined her Mom and Simon with that so much contained energy and shouted it out in frustration hehe -nicky]

The part still bothering me is the Vampire ensemble cast with no really outstanding actor in the group. It's been mostly on Maricar's shoulders to make their dark redundant scenes more interesting.  [i like also Lyndon, the wolverine look-alike -nicky]

Glamming her up can as starters keep interest but the boring dialogues after a while really doesn't help. It was more interesting when the "human" side of Roman was around. 

Of course we all know Sam has yet to meet Lia so it's unfair. Why Clarisse is getting all the perks of bitching around Lia all the time and Sam just having to content herself with her imaginary future foe.  Meanwhile do we sense an inevitable "war" also happening between "brothers" Lucas and Mateo? Will Lucas be the baddie when Mateo and Lia finally become a couple.

Of course Sam still has other "issues" other than Mateo and Lia, maybe too the Vampires in hiding may be the reason...not much they can do so what's a writer to do...flood us with their boring dialogues and plans.  [i thought i was in a psychiatrist office there for a while listening to my patients, tom-sam in the rooftop, lia-mateo in the car, those psychoanalysis lines sounded so preachy and boring - nicky]

The positive side though is we really are excited about Lia and Mateo :D can't wait for that and hoping the outside scene of Mateo, Lia and the Vampire in the red balloons promises something more for next episode.

Outdoor scene is a nice shift from all the indoor scenes of the Vampires and all the dark and gloomy atmosphere hehe so that's me.

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