Friday, October 29, 2010

Netizens voted Lee Min Ho for Angel Locsin

On the poll in this blog, Lee Min Ho was voted to be the best looking South Korean celebrity screen partner for Angel Locsin.  Kim Hyun Joong was voted 2nd and Kim Jaejoong 3rd.  That poll was created  as per Angeladik's suggestion when I made a blog entry about Angel Locsin with those 3 hot S. Korean celebrities here.

The poll result mirrors Angeladik's preference because she wants Angel to get paired with taller guys although Kim Hyun Joong is not short.  My regular visitors would know I am Kim Hyun Joong bias but I am not surprised with the results because I am aware that Lee Min Ho has more Filipino followers because of his role Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers.  To make myself feel better, let me report the current views of their music videos in youtube.  You could say I waited for it hehe ...
  1. 7,787 views - Angel Locsin and Kim Hyun Joong.  Watch here
  2. 7,618 views - Angel Locsin and Jaejoong.  Watch here
  3. 5, 524 views - Angel Locsin and Lee MinHo. Watch here

Here is the actual poll result:

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