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Imortal: review of episode 18

Review written by: Angeladik

So we move to episode 18 as they finish up another yet again repulsing of Lia by Mateo who's still very much in anguish over his condition and then we get some more backgrounder for Tom and it seems he's becoming an influence to Sam.  For a while I thought that was her mom turns out Tom was supposed to get married to that woman and he chose Sam and became a vampire the way I understood it or rather Sam made him a Vampire and that's the reason the marriage never happened.

Okay this time we are getting more into Sam's background about her being trained like a soldier to follow Magnus.  It's like she's a blind follower and Tom is making her realize the difference of his human experience to the only one she knows from Magnus.  Of course it's been repeatedly shown here this time only they want to show more about how Sam has so far and will later evolve.

More scenes of Mateo and Lucas but their buddy scenes are good and so with Lia scenes with her close friend Maj too and of course nice heartwarming scenes with Nanay Tabs.  Lucas is like a big bro to Mateo just as Lia looks like an ingenue guided by Lucas how a girl gets courted only Lia seems to have only her feel for Mateo.

As always, Clarisse gives Imortal the "Mara Clara" feel with her usual Clara bratty style but still she's smooth doing it and Angel as always the very effective underdog heroine [oh gosh, i had the same thought watching Clarisse in recent episodes. She's like the prettier version of Gladys Reyes so effortless in acting mean and natural - nicky]

You know why we enjoy them doing it because in spite Lia getting a tough beating once more that happens to be the time also Mateo succumbs to Lia hehe :biggrin:

Well the Nina-Angel combo is really smooth and we can't wait to see how part two this time with Sam and Lia happens because that was a suspenseful elevator ride before Lia alighted on the other elevator and missed being seen eye to eye by Sam.  Of course we want the Lia transformed by that time becoz with Sam attacking Lia can't even harm a fly so its unfair for her while all Clarisse does is more of a psychological beating.

The latest Clarisse beating would be at the meeting of Lucille, Clarisse, Mateo and Simon to start talks about Simon Landholdings getting into Waya Inc.  Looks like Lia has to be dragged every time Clarisse meets up with Mateo.  Lia is supposed to be to take down notes as Clarisse's secretary but actually she was going to embarrass Lia with the false accusation that her mom Lyka killed Clarisse father and this paves the way for the most exciting kilig teaser so far.  Clarisse should have learned by now that Mateo feels bad for the underdog Clarisse considers with disdain like street children and imagine accusing Lia being the daughter of a killer!

Next Episode.  The teaser would have Lia running away hurt.  She's very sensitive about this issue of her mother being a killer which she knows is not true and she just needs proof.

Mateo in this scene will run after Lia to console her once more...and then another scene under the moon where Lia would reminisce her childhood dreams something familiar to Mateo because they once did share that moment as very young kids.

The next moment Mateo is kissing Lia and after a while Lia obliges...the tender kiss is just the perfect kilig moment...the one that finally excites viewers for the next episode hoping more adrenaline rush happens next.

But of course we remember Clarisse giving Lia a real beating when she used her sharp Lobo claws to hurt Lia's back but she did it while calling mother Lyka a killer and then that flying push happened :P

Hoping then episode 19 wont disappoint.  Perhaps it's really the kiss of Mateo for episode 19 and for episode 20 Lia becomes a Lobo?  And how about Mateo looks like the teaser shown with him holding on with both hands on his head in pain.  Would that be the effect of the kiss then what's next? [heard that next week something big will happen to Lia and to Mateo the following week - nicky]

About ratings, I don't consider it gospel truth but all I know is a lot of people really watch Imortal so am glad about that :) 

My Thoughts.  I really thought episode 17 with extended redundant dialogues and lack of scene changes made it dragging and a bit boring in spite Jethro's exciting appearance still drowned by the redundancy a lengthy bar scene dialogue of Sam and Mateo.  The exchange was alright but the dialogue and all in one scene was too much.

They had to repeat that style again in episode 18, showing two scenes intertwine. I dunno what it's called the style but I think it's becoming too repetitious sometimes it gives Imortal of plastering two events in one page.  Oh well, it depends how smooth it's done but too much.  I mean overuse of a presentation style it's not fresh anymore looses impact.  Okay it's just me.

Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano.  First you know Nicks I'm a big fan of Angel and well who's not?  We know a lot of people who just love watching her.  I love watching her and want the best for her career wise because she deserves all the success and I think she's focused and hard working.  So there's really little reason for me to be worrying about personal life because all of us have that and Angel looks to me like a smart young lady who's done quite a lot already and that's all because she's dedicated and hardworking.

I've mentioned it before many times Luis looks to me like the kind of guy i'd believe Angel should be with but there really are so many things that happen around showbiz for me to be worrying about Angel since I think she's a success story already and that's because she knows how to play her cards well too.  A prerequisite if you may to succeed in the show world.

When I say show world you have to understand without elaborating there are undertones when I say it.  I'm more vocal about those I don't think ever helped Angel that it even became a liability but so far Angel's here and still getting better because she's a hard worker and talented and deserves her success.

I have all respect for Luis, his Dad and Mom since they don't buy their popularity.  People like them for who they are and get along fine with most people.  So definitely this chapter of Angel's showbiz life is not I would ever complain about, in fact it's about time.  But if it has to end then this is something I know will not taint Angel unlike previous chapters she had to deal with as part of her showbiz life.

Angel as artist.  If I am to compare some artists from previous generations, Vivian Velez (V.V.) was even comparing how the new breed of actors nowadays are so focused and disciplined following instructions of their bosses as obedient contract artists - artists like Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Angel and others who know this is their time and there's no later.  We work hard for the money right?

The thing is, Angel is really a great talent capable to do even more and I can only be happier here in Imortal because although there are episodes I find the usual there are really special episodes where I see Angel shining and I know it's all a product of not only talent but hard work and study.  It's all a sign of how focused she is.

V.V. might have been helping plug the show but when she says Angel's a role model with nary a prima donna attitude and so focused its something Angel's been doing for how long now?  From disciplined athlete to actress talent, Angel's always a reliable workaholic to her bosses whatever she's being ordered to do.  So she earns everything from her hard work.

As a fan I do complain when she's made to do things we know wont help her career. Why?  Because we're her fans and we want the best for her all the time because she works hard and we don't want her shortchanged because the boss needs her for self-serving purposes.

Hehe so there.

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