Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Angel Locsin in SNN [11.10.10]

Angel Locsin appears at 1.21; talks about Imortal and mishap in the taping ...

Video credit to OnlineFriendsofJLC

Angeladik's comment:

They did show some of the presscon for Imortal but can't figure out why questions for John Lloyd Cruz had to be on the publicity relationships yet again - redundancy but hey that's the show there so ok no problem really except it might be kinda killing some momentum for the show.

Sometimes it's laziness not to discuss just the show and pick up on stale publicity news so it's a relief that Angel Locsin had none of that.  Not that we don't like Luis but you know if the show's doing well the best thing to actually do is discuss the show and its stars.

For instance hit movies and TV series abroad do a lot to discuss the show and how the story runs maybe a review of the characters will help especially for newbies who failed to catch the first week.

Sometimes it helps when a show is really watched because of the very interesting plot subplots etc not merely the actors and their acting which should actually be there.

Maybe as a fan I'm satisfied with just that.  Angel being her best in her role but then again its really great to watch also a well made series since we want it capturing a huge foreign market too the better for Angel of course.

It's always about interesting universal story lines that make hit TV series so let's take it from there that what they wish to show is something very interesting for every viewer.

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