Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Imortal: review of episode 6

Review written by: Angeladik

In epi 6 we see the very first meeting between Lia and Mateo as young adults and there is that "feel".  It's attraction alright but there is the element of the unknown well perhaps like most first meetings.  Didn't sink in right away to them?  That they are attracted to each other.

I dunno why but the Lia look reminds me a bit of Alwina so I guess that's actually a good thing since it's actually the role that really endeared Angel to many more followers and made her a real household name and star.

As Lia, Angel is exactly that. There's this element about her which is endearing and very much the heroine we want to fall in love with, in the midst of the rather dark backdrop is a refreshing young ingenue, the real heroine of the Lobos and symbol of the peace loving Wayas which is the legacy of her family.

At this point of course the heroism still belongs to her mother Lyka but Lia has it in her.  The same qualities of Lyka and Elle, her grandmother.  The dark side is portrayed here by the evil force in the Waya organization Lucille and the Vampires of which Mateo is an unknowing half breed.

Very interesting premise to follow.  On the side of Mateo with his adoptive father Simon wanting entry to the powerful Waya organization as said it owns big leading companies in the country but it might be more than that. The power beneath the Wayas is something Simon is obsessed with.

So far from Angel to John Lloyd of course it's a good mix between them.  There is chemistry and we know they will be undergoing a lot together.  A lot of different emotions not just on the romantic side although its the one factor that will be overwhelming.

We cant wait to see more of that and then there's Sam of course.  This time Maricar looks to be portraying yet the most significant role of her career. She said it and I think looks promising for her. She does deliver here and will be seeing the conflict with Lia more, as expected.

I thought Vivian Velez as Lucille she's alright but I felt I wanted more Power although its all about screen presence.  She actually delivers but I wanted to see more actually against our heroine.

Rico Blanco actually does very well here although still having reservations about being a romantic interest to Lia.  But so far looks like a very good ploy.  Let's see if I will still find him okay once they start linking him to Lia.

Epi 6 is a good establishing episode since finally we get introduced to all the other characters and most if not all are doing well for their respective roles.  We see Magnus once again playing adoptive father to Sam but they almost look the same age.

I love the part when Lia is held in the neck by Lucille.  Very well done Angel!  The hidden power of the strongest Waya family sure is there.  I love the part that Lia has a heart and Angel has a lot of it to show and all the other mixed emotions that come with her being Lia.

Mateo is more cold hearted like his adoptive father Simon but that's the part to be expected..The departure from the young Mateo left by his more "feeling" real Vampire father.

Can't wait for more as Lia gate crashes once more this time in Clarisse's birthday bash with Sam there and Mateo.  What happens while everybody is there?

For sure Lia and Mateo will once again meet as we see it often in teasers but what happens when Sam causes trouble and Lia earns the ire yet again of Clarisse, daughter of Lucille who should be there too.

Sam will be making an attack right there in that party without the blessings of Magnus so it's kind of an event for her to show up later realizing no one is really a match to Lia.

Did I see right?  Lia will be undergoing some training much like her Mom Lyka?  Of course it's been shown in teasers Sam has been doing it while Mateo practices in brawls. 

So far so good.  It's getting better and more interesting.  Now lets see how the coming events turn out.  The thing about storytelling is how its done to make it very interesting.

The cast so far are doing very well for the directors so it's now up to them to really deliver the goods which is in the storytelling part as well as the execution of stunts and all.  No fierce Lobo CGIs for this episode.

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