Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz in ASAP [10.10.10]

starts at 3:04; video credit to crity89

Angeladik's comment:

About the duet with John Lloyd Cruz (JLC), this time Angel Locsin was enjoying herself and playing along with the usual antics of a game of JLC.  They sure know how to make it look so fun.  The chemistry of course is there.  JLC knows all about crowd pleasing and Angel knows it showing she enjoys JLC's company.

Hopefully this Powerful Pairing can also pair on the Big Screen.  Something I think a lot not only fans will really be curious to see and all writer/director has to do is really come up with something everyone else will love to watch.

For the Big Screen Pairing I would like to see explosive, dramatic and fun too.  Both can do a lot actually so the creative team all has to do is keep the focus and not be too excited to do among the many things they can do together.

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