Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Angel Locsin in ASAP for P&G [10-10-10]

video credit to tristantroy2

Angeladik's Comment:

For a while there with the other P&G endorsers, I thought Angel Locsin was not dancing like the other girls but doing her own stuff - modeling.  But she really does it well and of course every girl there looks good, all in their unique way.  But instantly, you notice Angel's really so gorgeous and nobody exudes sexiness there the way she does.

Angel's a natural when she projects and it's evident there in that production with all the other girls.  There you see the difference, the high ante she reaches when she projects this time on the live stage.

The larger than life projection and effortless way she does it.  Maybe it helps that she has those curves nobody else in the batch does but it's also about her facial expressions and the total look she creates.  I dunno everybody else there is a looker actually but Angel's beauty stands out really.

Angel looks like a pro and the confidence she projects is so cool and natural.  I think she can get away not dancing and just doing modeling.  She can really electrify the screen!

Well everyone else was doing her own thing.  The other girls were dancing while Angel was made to do something else.  Maybe that was the difference too but really I've seen the other girls do that projection modeling stuff and the effect is nowhere near how Angel does it.

It's really the actress in Angel, that natural ability to project larger than life and to ignite the screen.  Talk about screen presence, magnified as only she does it so well. You bet that makes her so qualified to be an international screen star.

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