Thursday, July 8, 2010

Watch Out for Hale's New MTV feat. Angel Locsin

The teaser of Hale's MTV featuring Angel Locsin for the song 'Magkaibang Mundo' is finally out. Video credit to Nani Naguit's Facebook.

Watch out for the full video on July 11, 2010, 8AM in MYX Philippines!

'Magkaibang Mundo' is the newest song of Hale from its fourth album, Kundiman. Hale is a multi-awarded alternative rock band that debuted in 2005 and comprised of Champ Lui Pio, Roll Martinez, Sheldon Gellada, and Paolo Santiago. Hale's self-titled debut album received a triple platinum award in 2006.

This song was written by Champ, Hale's vocalist, who is also featured in this MTV along with Angel. Click here to listen to the entire song and here for the lyrics. Personally, I enjoyed listening to this song over and over while writing this blog.

After viewing the teaser, what do you have in mind about the story? To help you out, here are the screen caps.

It looks like Angel caught the attention of Champ in this frame during a high-powered business meeting.

I suppose since Angel here is looking at the file cabinet herself, she is not part of the management team. It looks like the concept here is: a pretty administration assistant (secretary) catching the admiration of a successful young professional.

Hey, Angel looks annoyed in these frames. Watch out for the rest of the story in the full MTV. You may click the photos to view the enlarged version.

This photo is not part of the teaser. I got this from Champ's profile in Twitter.

The teaser receives positive response from the Twitter world when Champ posted the link of the teaser in his Twitter account. Through Twitter, he replied to my queries that he, Angel and some friends had advance screening of the MTV on the 5th and Angel was super happy.

You may wonder when did Angel had time doing this MTV since she has a full schedule taping for her upcoming TV series, Imortal and shooting a movie with Aga Mulach. This MTV was shot on the 20th of June with Bianca King doing Angel's make up and also acted as stylist. As I understand, Bianca is a good friend of Champ and she also directed Hale's previous MTV featuring Heart Evangelista. The Paraiso siblings, Bubbles and Paolo, kept Angel company during the shoot and perhaps had a cameo role as well. Champ had only good words about Angel after the shoot. According to him, Angel is so nice and a real Angel. For us fans, we are no longer surprised because all people who had worked with Angel had only good words about her who despite of her superstar status has remained humble and down-to-earth.

This photo was shared by Angel through her twitter after the shoot.

This is the second music video that features Angel this year. Click here for our story on her MTV with Christian Bautista for 'Beautiful Girl'.

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