Thursday, July 8, 2010

[Ads] Angel Locsin Endorses SoleMare Parksuites

Although Angel Locsin has no regular TV series or movie for almost a year, she is still one among the most sought celebrity endorsers in the country. Recently, Anchor Land Holdings Inc. (ALHI) has chosen Angel as its newest endorser of its SoleMare Parksuites, a twin 18-storey residential condominium that offers luxury, comfort and all amenities for the modern lifestyle at ASEANA Business Park in Bay City. The condominium units are all fully fitted and furnished where each unit layout is ready for combination with adjoining units, giving dwellers their own flexible space.

Angel has already done the TVC shoot and print ad photos for this latest endorsement so let's watch out for this angels. According to ALHI, Angel has been chosen not only she is popular but because she is someone with an eye for investment. While other women her age enjoy limitless spending in shopping sprees and night outs, Angel has chosen to venture into business.

In fact, apart from Angel's black H2 Hummer, a rest house in Batangas and other investments, Angel added a black personalized bus to her investment portfolio this year, similar to what Governor Vilma Santos and Kris Aquino have bought last year. Angel intends to rent this out for other people to enjoy a luxurious means of transport. Also this year, Angel together with her close friends has put up a bar and KTV called Fuel Up. In addition, Angel is currently building two mansions for her and her family with the biggest swimming pool in Don Antonio Royale Subdivision. Trivia: Angel was a swimming champ and a silver medalist in an international swimming competition before joining the entertainment industry.

Going back to Parksuites, it is now ready for viewing. To know more about this property, check out this video, credit to bizmhark@youtube.

*updated on July 8, 2010 at 7:25 PM: added photo, credit to Philippine Star

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