Monday, July 5, 2010

[TVC] Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano in Myra-E

The TV commercial of Angel Locsin with Luis Manzano is out! Video credit to rmalantic@youtube.

I tried creating screencap but the video quality is not that good. To give you a background on the shoot, this TVC was done on 15th of June with remaining shots taken a week later, 22nd of June. The TVC call time was at 4:30 AM and they all have to travel to "The Lakehore" in Mexico, Pampanga.

Here's the fan account who saw Angel in "The Lakeshore" on the 15th.
"luckygels, we went to mexico, pampanga this afternoon to check on our property in lakeshore subdivision.

when we reached lakeshore, lo and behold, OMG!!!!!!!!!! luis manzano and angel locsin were shooting a tv commercial. there were floodlights at the lighthouse area beside the church and the lake. we took advantage of the situation to look for angel.

the guards instructed us to go near the area where the shooting is being taken. but there was a group of people who was coming to where we were standing and we noticed one of them was angel locsin. so i called out angel's name and angel responded "hi tita!!

i noticed that angel is sexy talaga,maganda but voluptuous, "malaman" she went directly to the tent to have a retouched of her makeup and to eat. angel is just like luis, mabait and very accommodating sa mga fans niya.

we asked the whereabouts of luis manzano and the film crew said luis already left having finished his scenes early.

after ten minutes angel came out alone from the tent and again i called out angel's name. she responded hi, tita, and i said papicture naman. angel told her PA to take our group picture. after that we said our thank yous and she seemed to be very tired but still looking fresh as if she didnt have to work 48 hours. she looked fresh just like luis.

angel boarded her bus probably to take a rest."

Luckygels made another surprise visit on the 22nd but I cannot find the fan account yet. I will update this blog later when I found it. Here's Angel's message for luckygels through her Twitter account.
"Thank you luckygels for the surprise visit☺ was looking for you guys kanina but you left na ata :) thanks Ms. Mel sa rosary & vitamins :)"
- Angel Locsin

Angel shared this photo of Pwetpwet (Angel's) and Louie (Luis') on the 22nd of June through her twitter account. Check out the TVC at 0:13 and make a guess which one made a guest appearance in the TVC.

They are so adorable, so cuteyyy. Trivia: Angel named her pet dog "Pwetpwet" because it is so cute and to deglamorize it a bit, Gel's so funny :)

This is not the first time Angel and Luis were seen together in a TV commercial. Here's their TVC for Head and Shoulder's shampoo. Video credit to nassjamescutelookingyoutube.

I know there is an on-going poll in this blog between Derek Ramsay and Luis. For our story on the TVC of Angel with Derek for Century Tuna Superbod, click HERE.

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