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[News] Angel Locsin Receives Offers from International Producers

This news came out a couple of days ago but as usual I took my time in blogging about it so I guess by now it is already a habit. Expect things to become slower in the next couple of weeks since I will be going on a holiday and I am not sure how often I can go online.

I know nobody is interested but I will still blog about where I am going hee. I will be attending a concert of my fave Korean artist, Kim Hyun Joong or Yoon Ji Hoo of Boys Over Flowers, in Hong Kong with a couple of my co-twilight angels so it will be doubly fun. Those with keen observation may have noticed that I used to have "other celebrities" in my description of the blog before and it is only recently I removed it. At first, I was planning to blog about him and Angel together but he has too many bloggers already and some of the active ones are also our "kababayan". There is a big difference in terms of netizens support to Koreans celebrities as compared with us but I am hopeful that we will get there.

Perhaps Angel's iEmmy is a start and in immediate future our celebrities will gain a big non-Filipino followers as well. Going back to fans support, I would like to commend Team Gelo for their support to Angel's iEmmy in New York. With their effort and collaboration with other supporters, we got almost real-time update on Angel's iEmmy and the team managed to send materials to ABS-CBN for SNN's broadcast. Well done Team Gelos!

Going back to Angel, you may wonder apart from attending the awarding ceremony, did Angel had successfully maximize the opportunity to do networking with foreign professionals? I am happy to share this news that she did!
Credit: ABS-CBNNews

It’s been days since she returned from New York, but Angel Locsin still can’t believe that she took part in the 37th International Emmy Awards as one of the nominees for Best Foreign Actress. But aside from her much-talked-about red carpet experience, the 23-year-old also fielded offers to do projects from several foreign production outfits. “May mga nagbigay ng calling cards e. Meron pang gustong makipag-co-produce sa ABS-CBN. Pero ayoko munang magsalita tungkol dun, ayokong pangunahan. Darating kung darating. Para sa akin yung experience lang talaga na ma-nominate is already something I can really be proud of. Okay na ako dun. Ayokong mag-expect ng higit pa dun,” she said in an interview with ABS-CBN reporters last Monday, November 30. [omitted the rest of the article]
As we previously reported here, here and here, Angel attracted the attention of international paparazzi and have been mentioned as well in US-based websites. This week, I found additional websites that featured Angel.

Here's the article written by Paul Baranda, founder & executive editor of Beyond Beauty Basic, a New Jersey based website with its posts syndicated online in the Chicago Sun Times and Reuters

Beautifully dressed at the 37th International Emmy Awards

The red carpet welcomed some of the most beautiful attendees donned in gorgeous dresses and black-ties. Brazilian model and actress Juliana Paes wore a beautiful form-fitting, off-white satin, one shoulder dress which set off tons of camera flashes. When asked for her “beauty secret” by our friend Jeannine Morris from, Juliana replied, “Drink lots of water!” Though Ed Westwick who plays Chuck Bass on the Gossip Girls hurriedly walked past the paparazzi, we did get a chance to speak to the Best Actress Nominee, Angel Locsin whose dress blinded the crowd. The actress from the Philippines wore a stunning gown decorated with 13lbs of Swarovski crystals and flowed into a sea of feathers, which had been held up in Customs two nights before the gala. The recurring beauty tip from the stars including Keke Palmer and Angel Locsin was, “Always wash your makeup off before you go to bed.” It was advice they clearly followed themselves from looks of their gorgeous complexions.

Check out the gallery below to see some of the great pics taken by our pro events photographer, Aaron Lim. [omitted other parts of the article]

As you can see, it is only Angel who had her pictures posted twice apart from Ed Westwick, a close up and a full view of her gown. Here's the close up of Angel's pictures. These pictures are of high quality and you will appreciate Angel and her gown more when you enlarge these pictures by clicking them. I highly recommend that you view them in enlarged format so you will see how gorgeous Angel was and understand why she was a head turner in this beautiful gown at the red carpet.

Here's another article from Jeannine Morris of Beauty Sweet Spot

International Emmy Awards: Star Secrets

On Monday, November 23rd, the 37th International Emmy Awards were held at the Hilton Hotel in NYC and I was lucky enough to cover the red carpet and press room with Paul Baranda of BeyondBeautyBasics. British comedian, Graham Norton, hosted the event and many American phenomenons presented the awards such as: Ed Westwick (yes, Chuck Bass), Alexa Chung of MTV, Barbara Walters, Henry Kissinger, Matthew Rhys, Moby and Rachel Roy. While out on the red carpet, I scored some beauty tips from some of the most stunning starlettes of the evening.

Best Actress Nominee for her role in "In the Wolf," Angel Locsin, wore a dress by a Filipino designer, which was draped in 6 kilos of Swarovski crystals. That's 13lbs! Her biggest beauty tips were to, "sleep well and always, always remove your makeup." Locsin was such a sweet heart to speak with. You can watch my interview with her here.

[omitted interviews with Brazilian actress and model Juliana Paes and Nickelodeon actress, Keke Palmer]. Only these three ladies are featured in this article.

The third article is from Ted Reyes of Filipino Express, a US-based publication, who described that Angel stunned the global press and fellow gala attendees with her beauty and elegance. Here's another photo, credit to Sheryl Garcia-Reyes of Filipino Express.

Here are the video clips of SNN and The Buzz coverage relating to Angel's iEmmy from her arrival in Manila; many thanks to
Danceball85@YouTube for the videos:

The Buzz: Angel Locsin back from NY; proud and honored to represent the Filipino people

SNN: Luis Manzano shows all out support for Angel during iEmmy awards

SNN: Piolo Pascual is proud of Angel; wanted to escort Angel to iEmmys

Found these photos from twitter. Thanks to Kim of Twilight Angels forum for posting and thanks to Twitter owners.

I found a collection of photos in Angel's fan site in facebook. Many thanks to the Admin and to original owners of these photos. To view more photos, click here.

i guess this photo was taken after the awarding ...

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