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[Fans Corner] Angelmania IX: Angel Locsin - The Epitome of a Modern Day Beautiful Pinay

Angelmania IX

by culasha

Yes we all have some kind of fascination with celebrities..admit it pleezzyeah po i'm so proud to be an ANGEL fan

Let’s start with a sense of definition,nyahaha well…well..well.. we have to grab a dictionary or go straight to to find out if you want know the definition of a word or term…so what is the meaning of the word EPITOME[i-pit-uh-mee]… noun-
An epitome -a person or thing that is typical of or possesses to a high degree the features of a world class…as she is the epitome of goodness. and indeed she is!!

Let’s see some synonyms- embodiment, exemplification, model, typification, quintessence…I’ve been so vocal to tell this to you guys how my weekend goes with Angel on it,she's a part and parcel of it.. don’t get me wrong as I’m not assuming on something…of course I’m talking about doing an ANGELMANIA collection, it really is true that time flies so fast when you’re having fun and for like two months I can’t believe it that I’ve made nine articles already. I’ve been getting much less than my desired six to five sleep each night I guess it was just sheer adrenaline that kept me going...yay!!

Sheer exhaustion and a bad case of opening week jitters can really stretch my nerves to the breaking point…but its healthy and stimulating sometimes to say what you wanna say considering that hey guys this is a free country…I read in a short feature in one of the glossies that during high stress situations, it feels great to write something on what gives you joy or something that would make you smile….yeah proud to be a solid AREP come hell or high water…super!!

So what makes Angel an epitome of a modern day PINAY? Or such a beautiful Pinay for that matter…she really is the undisputed MOST BEAUTIFUL FILIPINA for like wow….three consecutive years…for someone to stay on top…consistently….that’s really something talaga...winning feels so fabulous…being voted is really uplifting, what’s more if it’s not manipulated...tampered… paid.. and doctored?…tama po ba yun FHM? YES mag?

The lady who looks every inch an ideal girl has a well-sculpted nose and a sweet smile, from the neck down she's ohhh so just the real sense of the word.…Angel excels in swimming and her success as a commercial model hangs on the fact that she is that wholesome and oh my gulay she is really the antithesis of the most popular star....her name gets hotter by the IT girl....what's more she's truly admirable and kindhearted...that make her supah damn STANDOUT!!

She’s definitely HOT and is driving everyone crazy…looks can sometimes be every rule there is an exception yes but in her case….it isn’t….Angel is so genuinely nice that even on bad hair days, she never loses her cool….not unlike the super LOLA MR (agen?and agen and agen?) that’s why a lot of people hate this gurl….so is it safe to say now that we know na the reason why it takes a “lifetime” as in uber tagal matapos ang thread nya….challenge natin mga ANGELS bwahahaha…mambully baa!! Again I commend ANGELs inimitable style of bonding….anything for ANGEL….we’re solid as a rock…grabeee!!

Angel’s always been a go-getter and her focus in acting career has made her more mature and responsible in all her actions…and yes we can’t wait anymore for her to grab her first ever acting award soon….as in super the "soonest" am i being so presumptuous?

A lot of women will say that stars are really a lot more vain than others. Angel among showbiz hottest young star has inarguably possesses a very nice skin, she knows that looks plays a major part in her career and her every pore is so closely scrutinized...She must have learnt a great deal from her role as Lyka...the fashion assistant in the House of LOBO to the max....truly in subraaa!!

keep on shinin GEL.....

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