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[Fans Corner] Angelmania X: Angel Fabulously Reigns Supreme

Angelmania X!!

by culasha

ANGEL AN EPITOME OF UNPARALLED BEAUTY, GRACE and DIGNITY thanks to the one and only out for my 11th!!

Sweet words are easy to say;
Sweet things are easy to buy;
But sweet people aren’t difficult to find here at AREP

Hi sweet Claire! As in may ganun huh?!

Kinda surprised to read some pms from ANGELS who I looked up to with ease, whoaa touched ako grabee….hinahanap nyo din pala ako pag hindi ako nakakapagpost, I wanna say thank you so much guys... well me too, my life isn’t the same anymore if I didn’t lurk or share my angelmania pieces with all of you here. Miss you all so much. Team Angel tayo for life yay!

the gorgeous charmer never fails to turn heads with her sun-kissed complexion and brighter than sunshine uber megawatt smile.

The past two weeks were not so fine as far as my work is concerned, it was so hectic that I wasn’t able to have all those tons of BRs at thread 41 and before I knew it, thread 42 was already underway and gunning for more pages. Foruming has never been more inspiring when you get to interact with nice people this side of the universe, oh well I believe with all my heart that the essence of friendship is not just the smile and gestures we give but a feeling when you discover that someone believes in you and willing to trust you, of course there have been some arguments and a little disagreements along the way as we all are entitled to our own opinions right guys?!!

thanks makulit luv it super!!

For someone who’s ever gotten to keep abreast with Angel’s career you could feel how she managed to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground, she’s so real that despite having grown up in the public eye, she has never been that overly obsessed with her popularity and fame, there wasn’t that ere or a slightest hint of super-mega-starforallseasons status in her, there wasn’t that..i’m so popular…super hot and kaya nyo ba asking price ko? ekk.. Some unsavory read: uber bitter comments have been hurled at her, but I always have this theory that those bashers are not that many, aha she/he/in-between is maybe, well..just one person hiding in different alternicks,kundol is dat you? am I right? sucks…c’mon grow up, how could you call her a “has-been” as you put it LAOS, if she has hailed the 2008 Most Beautiful Pinay…errr I mean the undisputed…gosh for someone to be voted as the NUMBER 1 Pinay for three consecutive years..well (I dunno if you’re just bitter or plain dumb…haleeer tsk tsk)...Top 8 Most Beautiful Women for People Asia Awards, Fantaserye Queen for 2008, Maxim’s No1 Hottest Girl in the land for this year, Box Office Princess of Phil Movies from the 38th GMMSF only to name a few, what with gigantic billboards strewn all over the supah major thoroughfares at the metropolis and to the glitzy covers of fashion and showbiz mags. I have to refrain here for mentioning truckloads as I have a lot of stuff to talk about taray mode whehehe sometimes you really have to read a lot and open our eyes wide enough to know what you’re really up to kase kakahiya ka lang if you blurted this and that when in fact you don’t have proofs naman, you might as well shut up and DIE now…hindi ka kawalan sa sanlibutan mind you!!

No doubt about it Ms. Angel Locsin star shines brighter, she’s got that look of electric vibe that makes her a standout from the rest of her contemporaries, she’s a trendsetter and truly an icon of today’s generation, with her unbridled talent, grace, class and dynamic free spirited lifestyle with a nonchalant confidence her success has been anything but orthodox, still Angel is the unabashed fashion trendsetter and remains one of showbiz hottest endorsers. I’m not bowed with The Yes List of the TOP 20 Celebrity Endorsers, the stars who diumano earned 1M to 20M because you buy what they say chuva. I have no objection whatsoever with Kris and the Mega for attaining such a stature what I find so unfair talaga is when I found out that Angel Locsin landed the 12th spot tied with Lucy Torres-Gomez and Marian is on TOP 3 tied with KC, if it’s a consolation that they consider Angel and put her in the number 12 position well, so ano credible na kayong matatawag ngayon? Just because you included Angel in your list now does that mean that we have to buy a copy of yes October? how can we take your stand of completely eluding Angel Locsin’s in your 100 Most Beautiful Stars when in fact she has hailed as the Most Beautiful Pinay for 2008!! it was really such a big insult on our part when you have chosen to include starlets Ehra Madrigal, Iwa Moto, Nina Jose or a teeny weeny bopper Empress Schuck or Ynna Assistio,OMG sino silaaa? (eh haleerrr guys kilala nyo ba ang batang ito?) yeah the cliché goes on "the beauty is in the eye of the beholder" thingy is maybe you’re mantra,everyone seems to have sumthing to say about it, so there's the glaring 101 biases as in grabee!

Angel Locsin was on the list last 2007 but to ignore her this year well ganun lang siguro talaga life uber dami bitter. So the next time a poll came out at Yes we have to take it with a grain of salt, hey as always it would always be paid, tainted, LUTO and manipulated successfully but not that bongang-bongga.. sa true lang napakasakit tanggapin ang katotohanan na OLATS kayo whaha

Angel and Piolo team-up on the big screen soon to hit theaters
come November, yeay!

Angel Republican have always been grateful with all those press people who truly appreciates Angel for her craft but we too have always been ready to fight openly with you and our fellow pexers especially when we feel that Angel are being treated unfairly and unjustly maligned. Stars as great and as super to the max popular like Ms. Angel Locsin is like a convenient punching bag for some people, i'm just a fan but really am so sick of graphic condescending attitude of some individuals who think they are damn right in everything they say, well think again guys!!

YES MAG 2007 100 most beautiful stars issue!!

I can say with pride that she has achieved so much with her age and
stature and being popular is a validation of her utmost dedication and love for her fans who supported her ALL THE WAY!

well kung ganito ang isang LAOS na ULTIMATE cover girl pa eh gusto ko na din maging LAOS forever!!naririnig nyo ba sinasabi nyo? upakan na lang kaya?

Regardless of our own issues in our respective lives, its such a relief of some sort to keep up with what's right....and what's fair!! gonna leave you with an uplifting thoughts "the finest part of a good person's life is the little unknown acts of kindness and love. We obtain happiness not because we look good outside and do great things but because we are beautiful inside and do small things with great love" thanks so much Ms. GA, mareng kaharian, and serendipity08 a.k.a. cel, sis lhyn & new super love yah!

i'm so proud to be an AREP!! yeah as in sooo much!! langya gumagabriela silang na ba ako?

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