Monday, November 9, 2009

[Article] Will Angel Locsin be the second Asian to Win the International Emmy’s Best Actress Award?

As I posted in Twilight Angel’s Twitter account, STIR reported that Angel is flying on New York on the 19th to attend the 37th International Emmy awarding ceremony where she has been nominated as “Best Actress” for her lead role in Lobo (The Wolf). The Emmy award is similar to the Peabody awards but more focused on entertainment. It is considered the television equivalent to the Academy Awards for film, Grammy Awards for music, and Tony Awards for stage plays.

I checked the past winners in this category and noticed that apart from China in 2005 (He Lin for “Slave Mother”), subsequent winners were all from Europe (Lucy Cohu of UK in 2008 for “Forgiven”, Muriel Robin of France in 2007 for “Marie Besnard l'empoisonneuse”; and Maryam Hassouni of Netherlands in 2006 for “Offers”).

“Slave Mother” is a made-for-TV film depicting how women were once viewed as only tools for giving birth and commodities that could be exchanged. While checking more information about this drama, a saw a casual survey made by Danwei indicating that the film was not widely known, at least amongst audiences in Beijing.

Coincidentally, the president of the International Emmy Awards from 2005 is Liu Changle, who began his term in that year. Liu is also the founder, president and CEO of Phoenix TV. He famously started his career as a People's Liberation Army propaganda hack. Phoenix TV is the only privately run satellite TV station with a real footprint in China.

Here's the list of
list of previous International Emmy winners.


2008 - David Suchet "Maxwell"(United Kingdom)

2007 - Pierre Bokma (Netherlands) (tie) on De uitverkorene (the chosen one)

2007 - Jim Broadbent (United Kingdom) (tie)

2006 - Ray Winstone (United Kingdom) on ITV drama Vincent about a team of private detectives.

2005 - Thierry Fremont (France) - 'Dans la Tete du Tueur' (Murder in Mind)


2008 - Lucy Cohu "Forgiven" (United Kingdom)

2007 - Muriel Robin "Marie Besnard l'empoisonneuse..." (France)

2006 - Maryam Hassouni "Offers" (The Netherlands)

2005 - He Lin "Slave Mother" (China)

Drama Series

2008 - Life on Mars (United Kingdom)

2007 - The Street (United Kingdom)

2006 - Life on Mars (United Kingdom)

2005 - The Eagle (Denmark)


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