Tuesday, November 10, 2009

[Fans Corner] Angel Locsin's Love Interest is a Priest

Star Cinema initially disclosed in December last year during the Love Me Again movie screening in the U.S. that Angel Locsin will be making a movie with Aga Muhlach with a working title, "A Priest" and later on changed to "Love in Heaven". I believe this title can change again before the movie is released.

Aga confirmed that the movie is finally pushing through and will start shooting in January next year, which Angel concurred also in a separate interview. Olive Lamasan will be directing the movie. According to Aga, the movie is kind of edgy and he will be playing a priest here. The story is not typical and still has no working title, as reported by Manila Bulletin.

As to Angel's character, there is no confirmation yet although a blog has disclosed some details which is similar to the pitch shared by our "co-twilight angel" in the movie thread in pex early this year. She got an interesting concept and if Star Cinema will go by her idea, I believe a proper credit should be accorded to her if the final storyline is spawned from what she posted in the internet forum. See also her congratulatory note to Angel on her Emmy nomination by clicking here.

Here's the actual posting:

Credit: hikari177 of PEx, posted on Jan 31, 2009, 10:16 PM

May narinig akong pitch dati sa TV Series na On the Lot and it goes something like this:

The lead star of this movie is about to become a priest (so this will be Aga)... He grew up in a conservative but rich household and he was a pride sa family of really devout Catholics because he studied Rome and is about to be ordained by the Pope himself (haha if possible and if that makes sense). Before sila ma-ordain, they are assigned on a medical mission that the Church funded and they are there to assist and evangelize. (This is somewhere in Quezon or something like that...) Then dun sa trip na yun makikilala nya si Angel, the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. Angel's character is one of the doctors sa medical mission. She grew up an orphan in the care of nuns kaya she has a heart to help. She's the opposite of Aga in a sense kasi she grew up in a poor household, she's lively, spontaneous, you know the works... And dito makakadevelop ng feelings si Aga for her... Tapos towards the end of the medical mission meron storm tapos flash flood tapos Angel will sort of drown in the flood or something... Aga having developed feelings for her will try to find her with all that he has and the head priest sa team nila will wonder why... basta may ganung struggle... in the midst of the storm makikita nya si Angel almost half-dead and he will rescue her... Basta ipapanalangin nya na he will give up everything basta mabuhay lang si Gel...

Now mejo kulang pa ng mga detalye yan but I think it's a pretty good pitch... hehe... wala lang just daydreaming...

Let me share also the beautiful fanarts created by Ben aka hoover 1 of PEx

After seeing these fan arts and the pitch of sis hikari on the storyline make me look forward more to the upcoming movie. Netizens also look forward to this movie based on the result of the one week poll here in the Twilight Angels blog. Click here for our story.


Sally B. said...

ang galing sis... sana talaga itong concept na ito ang gawin ng Star Cinema :)

Hikari said...

Sis, thanks for blogging about this. Ambisyosa ako masyado to even dream that people will consider this. Actually di original yung idea. Isa sya sa mga "broad storylines" na binigay as exercise sa mga aspiring directors ng series na On the Lot (search for the next filmaker). Basta ang binigay na plot: a priest falls inlove with a girl. I added the other elements such as the medical mission, flood and trip to quezon. It can even turn into an Ondoy tribute if matutuloy. Sis Claire (sweet17) asked me to write it down. Ok lang ba sis ross if you read it before I turn it in?

Nicky said...

hi sis lie, sis hikari!

i have a running conversation too with angeladik sa sb (compiled past conversation in twilight angels forum; link: http://twilightangela.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=blog&action=display&thread=3&page=3) ..Aga is meticulous and a good actor so this tandem can turn out good

just hoping it would not be too melodramatic but if the concept is about aga being a priest, i guess the treatment would lean more on that direction

sis jais: love your idea and hoping SC would go for it ..they should give you proper credit and retain you as consultant, as what they did with Mark Bunda of Lobo

i would be happy reading your story if you share it with me sis..my e-add is the same as my chat id

really looking forward to this movie and would be more excited if you become part of it sis jais :)