Monday, November 9, 2009

[Fans Corner] Angelmania IV: A Pocketfull of Angel


by : culasha

super thanks to sisteret LIMUEL....luv it super!!

There was one rare and so unforgettable incident in my entire life as a forumer where I get to be chosen as a letter sender of the month for a popular fan mag….i couldn’t believe at first how I took some precious moments to savor those “super cloud 9 feeling” where I truly enjoyed some “truckloads” haha joke of congratulatory eke ek chuva of some relatives who have come across reading that letter…it was in fact an article about my “fave loveteam” who was a household name that time(pm me if you wanna know them harhar) but since an “article” of my caliber cannot just squeezed in a paragraph or two the editor had no choice but to chop things up…well enewei…three weeks ago I e-mailed the rival mag and let’s see if my letter would get a chance to land the same spot as last year’s thingy, it was so rewarding to have those MILO products displayed in our china cabinet….gosh I cannot believe with my own eyes that I have all these packs…sachets…plastic mugs….and ella ella…green and yellow…..umbrella!! haller… in all shapes and sizes…..jeje joke!! who says umbies got shapes? hehe

Angel Republic has gone far and wide in terms of being an active and popular thread this side of the universe not to mention the achievement it gets everytime there’s an important issue that we get through. I always say this to everyone how proud I am to be a part of this thread and I really mean it well…I have seen how AR people can be so wonderful and true never realizing the fact that we too have our own lives to live and families and loved ones to take care of and yet we have devoted this much time to keep our spirits alive and kicking….pressure but i managed to pull this off to make "habol" this write-up as this thread went so fast and furious see any minute now we are transferring to the 36th thread yey...waytago guys!!

Of course I can’t find another topic as interesting as ANGEL’s......guys did you get to watch One year anniversary of E-LIVE earlier? Luis finally faces ANGEL…Bianca first time interview with KC…Chard and Direk Joyce…that was a-ok stuff and that’s it… never mind the other segment where I intentionally touched that remote to see what’s up at startalk…you see I hate all those “kissing ass” style of Mariel doing super helluva uber praising CB to the hilt….hate that tupperware rants…duh..…enough is grrrrrr…apparently you could not feel the warmth and sincerity of a woman whose so mean and arrogant, there is certainly no way would I ever consider watching her again…no… not again….not ever…no way..

From the looks and feel of Luis and Angel’s moment…It was really so sweet, natural and candid to watch them together for the first time( pluggin huh?)...they seem to enjoy every minute of it…more than anything else the eyes and some unguarded movements say it all….i honestly think that they don’t have to admit anything more….it’s there….whether we love it or hate it… Mee…I’ve no qualms about it I love everything ANGEL loves, it’s not a big deal to talk about anymore…I’m not making a mountain out of a molehill here, I’m not making a super statement as I have some great respects to all our sisters/brothers/in-between who in one way or another didn’t have the same sentiments as I am…..for the love of Angel let’s all be nice…of course…we can afford to be even once in a while….let’s give it to her…she deserves to be happy……afterall….what’s good in a view if you don’t have anyone to share it with….

Angel exudes such radiance of a woman in love….there’s no doubt
about it…..we all have at one point have fallen in and out of love….its crazy but it keep us alive and do great things with a lotta heart…

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