Monday, November 9, 2009

[Fans Corner] Angelmania V: Can't Get Enough of Angel


by: culasha

It was quite a relief for a workaholic soul to get lurk at a super popular thread here at PEX what with a headache and an asthma attack at the same time whew and the occasional deadlines and reports that need to be done…there was something in the air last week that I have to get hold on for a moment, its good that I did a fine job not minding how I surpassed all those tensions.

Well anyway….it isn’t surprising anymore for ANGELS to make it.. but I wanna congratulate you guys for a super tremendous job that we once again captured….bravo ANGELS we did it again oopppsss, I’m so amazed for a concerted effort of all the REPUBLICANS for the last two weeks Ms. Angel Locsin has hailed as FANTASERYE QUEEN and only a couple of days ago (if I’m not mistaken) she toppled Bea Alonzo in the most coveted PRIMETIME QUEEN yey…words are not enough how I admire the time, effort and energy that you have all spent all for the love of ANGEL….love it immensely as I get to know all those lovable ANGELS who never fails to amaze me….but oopppsss everything isn’t over yet as STARMO’s 100Pinay voting gets underway…yay.

One of the most challenging parts of being a fan is to keep up with what is expected of you and that is to give a 99% if not your all to make sure that Angel stays on top, I knew how it feels to get discouraged, crushed and burned with some disheartening thoughts by some intruders but somehow we managed to get through it with flying colors…who are they anyway? Some of the bitterest oh so loser-est rants from Angel’s former fans who can’t moved on and can’t accept the fact that Gel is more popular than ever before…

It feels good really to be a part of someone’s life, especially if she is great and a kind hearted individual worthy of our love and respect. I’m sounding like a pirated CD but I would never run out of good words for Angel, it has proven time and again that she’s always been a nice person inside and out, in her recent interview the Star for all Seasons Gov Vilma Santos has nothing but all praises for ANGEL, it shows that the more she gets mature the more she gets to be so humble.

She never misbehaved in public, her fast growing fans all over the world can attest to that, the ANGEL experiences and a numerous testimonies of her faithful followers or maybe an ordinary people in the streets and not her fan can still say wonderful words for her. She’s nice even to her harshest critic that she even spent her precious moment with her, she’s so cordial during inevitable times when they’re caught on the same events or gathering.

In Hollywood the paparazzi pet remains to be Britney Spears and her bizarre behavior gets to be in headlines from not wearing an underwear while clubbing, to driving with her then infant son on her lap from shaving her head.....but back home in showbiz all we are seeing is nothing but good natured young stars who loves to work so hard and hone their craft for their families and Angel is certainly one of them.

Ms. Angel Locsin enjoys the perks of what they called nature's largesse-beauty, talent, wealth, confidence and a lot of fans, it takes one special being to get to the top and for that we should all continue to give our Angel our love and full support

originally posted in ARep on Aug 25, 2008, 03:19 PM

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