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[Fans Corner] Angelmania III: HEY HOW ABOUT THIS? LOVEteam boon or bane?


by: culasha

Maybe I run out of topic to talk about…SIGH…what can I say? Why do we always think of reasons anyway? I SHOULD KNOW WHERE IT’S COMING FROM? When we know that things just happen for a reason…but sometimes it’s far even better not to think anymore…at first I really had a hard time convincing myself to put this thing into writing as it may not sit well with the whole AR population…hey what do I mean by this? I dunno if it sounds so iffy as I’m giving you an endless roundaround but this is the way I want it to be incoherent yes…crazy…and definitely unpredictable?…well not so… as I guess you already had a hint on what I’m trying to drive at, I just can’t figure out how this topic would end… I have at one point this thing called “reservation” as it would stir some personal issues at hand…I wanna clear things up that its not really my intention to hurt anyone…it’s just a simple thought of what I think in a situation where real feelings are involved.

It’s damn natural for us to get lured with our favorite loveteam…we all get “kilig” with just a mere sight of a lovey-dovey pair singing one sweet love song on TV with a gaze that they have for each other, it seems that nothing can separate them…and that the world is on their feet…for a while we get so hopeful that they gonna end up together not minding the glaring reality that “reel” can’t be REAL at all times.

Nothing can match the kind of chemistry they have, it’s undeniable how a number of endorsements can attest how a product can soar higher sales all because of a perfect team-up that wows the crowd more than ever.

Of course I’m referring to nobody else but Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin known to us as GELO one of the most sought after loveteams of Philippine showbiz, after the success of LOBO on primetime bida everyone is waiting in bated breath for an upcoming movie from Star Cinema that have yet to shoot and yet it has an October playdate....handsdown…it would surely be a super box office hit…probably would break all the existing box office records to date haha it really is worth the wait as it would test the waters if their team-up stands for more projects together, considering the fact that they have such a tremendous following and a “steady-stable fanbase” all over the world…it has proven how everyone can stay home and glued to their seats and watch them tirelessly….we love them so much that we want to build them monuments and put them in pedestals.

So much has been said….a lot has been written about a relationship of Angel and Piolo but on a professional basis only….theirs are just a working relationship that has a life on its own…sometimes we give so many interpretations to small details or circumstances that we see, we then come up with an assumption that it is beyond that thing…they hit if off so well and that they really have that “something” for each other more than they care to admit….but lo and behold….inasmuch as we wanted it all to happen as we’re all praying for it devotedly, things sometimes doesn’t seem to fit apparently something worked otherwise…there…we suddenly get so disappointed with what we see on TV that after LOBO wrapped up Angel was seen on two special occasions such as the Starmagic Ball at Shang and just recently in the premier night of the blockbuster Lloydie and Sarah AVSL… (which is currently being talked about for being such a super feel good stuff) not with Piolo anymore but with Luis Manzano…

Are they? Or aren’t they? Action speaks louder than words…hey I wasn’t born yesterday!!!…it's kinda confusing...kinda disappointing...yeah.. especially when you are in a middle of compiling those GELOs lovely fanarts and composing a poem for them and suddenly like a thief in the night you begin to question ala Meg Ryan's (City of Angels) why on earth do good people can’t be together? Reality bites and truly sucks…with a capital S…..halleeeerrrrr… seriously though…I feel stupid somehow for believing so much on a thing called “HYPE” but yknow there’s got to be some learning experience here…maybe it’s my mind’s way of telling me to go move on and ceased being a fan…hey that’s a tough one but….i really can’t…I just can’t…OMG would somebody help to take me away from this misery huhuhu

Only this morning I begun to realize and have accepted how Angel have gone through with some bittersweet experiences of losing someone and get back at her feet with no remorse at all, it cannot be denied how she has surpassed a controversy that made her a much stronger and mature person and took a deeper stance of not fighting back, one of the reasons why I get to understand her plight now is when someone badly needs a company and that someone is there to extend a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on….someone who would cry when you cry and would depend you when everything come crushing down on you…can't help myself but be super senti it was in our instinct to move to tears when someone is there for you at all cost.

It was nothing but sweet and endearing for Luis to admit in a recent interview how he took care of Angel for those trying times….how touching it was for a guy to stand with the woman he loves and staying on the sidelights while some quarters were bashing here and there…you would probably think why it worked out so well….ah they just do... I dunno… I would be brave enough to say that I’m not that clueless not to get the sign...i think they are exclusively dating for the longest time already and enjoying each others' company to the max…it’s there…no doubt about it.

I’m such a fan of Direk Joey Reyes as I’ve watched all his films and read his articles at PDI, in his article “Private Images, Public Lives he said that “just because (referring to our idols) they are public personalities, we feel that we have every right to say what we want to say…that is because we assume that they got to where they are now and acquired whatever it is that they have now….because of us….we made them who they are…and so ano ngayon? Do we have the right to dictate what we want to do with their lives? Including who would be the “right” one for them? and who is more bagay for them?

Call it OA or ngaakk but I can now bow my head and accept the fact graciously with a compassionate heart and an understanding mind that Angel and Piolo have their own lives to live, in some ways I feel that they know how we feel but they too deserve to be happy in anyway they can be…if Angel can be happy with Luis…so be it..…I cannot possibly think of a better way to right the balance, it is not in my fingertips to make magic or do a miracle….only God can…that maybe is my only logical explanation I have for a moment..

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