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[Fans Corner] Angelmania II: Angel all the Way

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by: culasha

It’s the time of the day in a rainy lazy Sunday afternoon where I get to be so senti and in the mood to write something close to my heart….it is where I get to collect some thoughts and discern whatever stuff I have in mind….lately my life has been in an upswing and my being a fan in an intense mode can attest how my friendster, multiply, and photobucket accounts can speak well of what I really am right at this moment....if things would be fine, i wanna make ANGELmania my regular article or a series first one was truly memorable for me as i've written the first ever review for Angel's F&H launch...

Angel Locsin... no doubt about still the hottest girl showbiz can proudly ever have…all those multi-million endorsements on print and tv commercials can claim how a pretty girl from Bulacan can amazingly take the country….errr the world by storm

I’ve always been a fan of ANGEL….i love collecting everything about her from magazines to the latest apparel she’s endorsing and I take this to heart in some ways you’d never imagine…

I don’t wanna sound so self-serving but I just can’t figure out how I’ve been so much into her that I can’t sleep at night whenever there’s a negative write-up about her…matter of fact I’ve prayed so hard about it as prayers can truly moved mountains, but I also drafted an email which I didn’t get to send realizing that everything no matter how painful and damaging things can be…. would surely be a thing of the past as her rift with Claudine Barreto is all water under the bridge now (hopefully)…I'm maybe expecting something like Sharon Cunetas' fondness for Judy Ann Santos....can't CB be so selfless?... can't she be as good enough like the "mega" who treats Juday so nice and so sweet like her own sister....well i guess it's been like an open book to all of us how a barreto can be so "mean" a lot has been written about her being.......oh well...enough for we'd all wanna move on right guys?!!

ANGELS were hurt with CFs article considering how a tactless remarks of a “supposed-to-be-” respected? scribe can be so unfair with a good person like Angel and overly damaging more than an unkind word or a forceful blow…what did Angel do to deserve all those hurtful stuff from her? the words in itself struck a chord but it has proven time and again how Angel can be so damn caring and kind-hearted for showing so much love for CF never realizing the fact how her legion of fans were hurt and devastated…huhuhuhu

As we grow each passing day we learned a lesson or two in the daily grind…stop fretting, grow up….get your act together….be patient….moved on…so on and so forth..…whata heck…. I’m so proud of ANGEL for teaching us all those traits….it takes somebody like a saint… or an angel not to fight back….not to get even….or throw invectives…I’m a hypocrite if I didn’t admit how it badly hit me…it is astonishing how some people can find ways to hurt us….

We set standards for acceptability and draw some lines defining what is considerate and below the belt….it was nonetheless rewarding and touching enough to hear how ANGEL REPUBLIC can make wonders….love yah all angels…words are not enough to describe how my entire experience as a fan can match the feeling of being one with all of you….you are all wonderful like Angel...there is nothing like being busy as a bee the whole day and come rushing back home to lurk and see how everything goes with angel thread…it was so amazing that after a few days of not being in the scheme of things you’ll get surprised to the max to find out that there’s a new thread and you have to catch up on so many pages not to mention the fact that i have to buy a new preview mag before it runs out...yknow i have an experience last month where my cousins lor and aj had raided some filbars store just to buy past issues of Angel mags...and omygosh to our damn surprise there's nothing in super sold-out naaaa it takes someone like Angel Locsin to be so uberly HOT like no other

originally posted in ARep on Aug 7, 2008, 03:00 AM

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