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[Fans Corner] Angelmania 1: ANGEL GLAMS.....SHINES AND SIZZLES as the new image model of F & H

I first saw culasha’s angelmania series collection in angel’s threads (arep and lobo) in (pex) last year. To-date she has completed 10 parts. It is unfortunate she had stopped writing. I do hope she would resume writing again. I love her works!

Even from last year, I collected her works and posted them in another Angel’s thread that I used to maintain in mukamo forum (hi to my old friends from there and so sorry to hear it closed down). So everytime a new Angel’s thread was created in pex, I kept on re-posting culasha’s collection. It could have been simpler if had simply advised the thread starter, right? Yeah it would have been simpler but I wanted them to appreciate culasha’s work without my prompting because I know her angelmania series can speak for themselves without me gushing over them. And I was right because up to now, the angelmania collection has always been included by the thread starter when creating a fresh thread. Trivia: I also advised back then the thread starter to include the angelmania collection ^_^

Why am I telling you this? Well, pex was down for a few days recently and was back in normal operation for a short time then turned to read mode and only back in normal operation an hour ago. It looks like pex is having problem with its server. For this reason, I will be-reposting here the angelmania series so the blog will have a copy of the collection in case pex access problem gets worse in future. There will be 10 parts in this collection so bear with me while I flood the blog. This collection will also give you a glimpse about Angel’s activities as a celebrity last year


by: culasha

ANGEL GLAMS.....SHINES AND SIZZLES as the new image model of F& H...whooaaa!!

lovely……dainty…fancy...these are the stuff that remind us of innocent time in our lives where delights came in a form of sweet candy wrapped in a colorful…glittering package, whoaa…girls can very much indulged in sweetest things of a fashionable variety as those must have jewelry and delightfully, quirky get-up but ANGEL LOCSIN’s latest endorsement took a notch bolder and sexier as the new image model of F&H…folded&hung (in addition with Claudine Barreto and Maja Salvador) which has brought the house down literally and figuratively at the Trinoma Activity Center held two Saturdays ago.
But before I go further… you guys have to congratulate me (mang-impose... saka mag demand baaa!!) for my first ever attempt of having some sort of a my fashion review kinda chuva chenelie chever..achu-chu-tsu.. of what could be the most talked about launch this side of the universe. Yeah i'm talking about the super TOPLESS poster's so damn HOT…super HAWT…I maybe sounding like a dilapidated or just a pirated CD but ANGEL glams…shines and sizzles like no one else…allow me at this point to make a bit of a “kwento” of how things went so fine on a Saturday and super major “lugmok” the next day all because of FRANK….FRANK…FRANK…damn you frank… grrrrrrrr @#$#^%$ how could you be so damn cruel to do this to us? we haven’t done anything bad to anybody to deserve all these disappointments.
geometric prints never cease to amaze, circles, stripes splashes of colors give some outfits a modern charm.
My cousin and I took our precious time to go to Manila for a breather and that include going to Trinoma Mall for angel’s F&H launch and of course the super most awaited LOBO farewell show at SM north edsa the following day….so since we traveled for like eight hours as we came from the other side of the planet, it really wasn’t easy for us to stay fresh and normal as any good natured city girls are…but we’re really so amazed to death to find out how people from all walks of life can be so fond of our ANGEL….super OA nga bang matatawag na direcho agad kami sa trinoma mall at napaka aga pa eh nakakagulat dahil yung mga tao mega wait ever talaga na and never talaga lumalayo sa activity center… to think that there was something like cocktails graced by a good number of entertainment press which went fine and dandy at 6 PM before the show proper which was done in a fast that you wouldn't wanna blink at all!!!i really cannot say anything....cuz i was so damn starstruck to the max..'twas really my first time to see ANGEL in a flesh....i can never imagine how Angel exudes a cool aura of sensuality the moment she came out on stage....i was screaming to the top of my lungs!!....she figures in the circle of talented young actresses in the industry....and when it comes to giving performances she definitely gives others a very tough fight...can't wait for the next star awards for TV...yay!!
But why it took me two weeks to post this thing is really a mystery and a life on its own, mind yah babe...the cam has travelled far and wide in the neighborhood as every tom **** and harry wants to see Angel...and that's the truth noh!! you see i wanna save the best for last like Vanessa Williams....whehhehe...well it maybe a little bit DR as in "delayed-reaction" on my part but nevertheless fulfilling and rewarding anyways... guys i wanna share with all of you some pics that i considered my most cherished possession of being a
swift...energetic comfort caress which reveal sleek and relaxed sense of beauty and elegance.....absolutely fab ANGEL

you know 'twas so hard to catch her on a super close up like this...grabbed this anewei to
Angel with Phoemela Barranda who hosted the event..The launched was so successful such a fleeting moment bursting with light and colors...swift and oh sooo chic....i just can't shake it off that TITO PEX has this limit of posting only seven images, as i wanna pour it all in one post but there was no way for me to do so...wanna see more?
as in more really...really more?
i've seen with my own eyes yeah!!! how angel can have these legion of fans from young and old alike...grabee...subra adulation can see the mirage of weaving tales of a kaleidoscope of emotions igniting a never ending excitement....i will never forget this moment where OMIGOD.... so...ganito pala kaganda si ANGEL!!!!
Angel Locsin's looked so fab in a runway...intense...playful and sauntered down the catwalk wowing the crowd... she was sooo humble when she said to Phoem na feeling model daw sha...model na model talaga dating nya super!!.....and the people has swept away by her beauty and grace...need i say more??
that was it...that's it!! grabeeee
folded and hung poster displayed at different F& H branches in the leading malls!! yay!!

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